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21 Aug 2018

When did culture become a number? When did the books, paintings, poems, plays, songs, films, games, art installations, clothes, and all the myriad objects that fill our lives and which we consider cultural, become a matter of statistical measurement?



7 Jun 2016

A new collection of cartoons reveals a struggle to find the comic essence of Malcolm Turnbull

Our current prime minister (I write on 2 June, in the third millennium of the election campaign) is the subject of two unauthorised biographies, one of them...


6 Dec 2004

Should cartoonists restrain their satirical instincts to protect public confidence in politicians, parties, and democratic institutions? Or are their 'little incendiary bombs' a crucial form of political communication? Haydon Manning and Robert Phiddian argue that cartoonists should have free 'licence to mock'.

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