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Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Dermatology report

23 Jun 2017

The Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Doctors (AFHW - Doctors) report published in December 2014 indicated that Australia’s health workforce is under pressure and must undergo significant transformation to meet future demands for healthcare. Despite the projected overall position of oversupply, imbalances within the medical specialty workforces currently exist and are projected to continue.

The development of the AFHW – Doctors report was guided by the expert input of the National Medical Training Advisory Network (NMTAN) that has representation from all the key stakeholder groups in medical education, training and employment.

The report makes recommendations for future work including:

- updates to the workforce modelling results to determine requirements for future adjustments every two years; and

- prioritisation of future policy work to gain a better understanding of the prevocational years and overall capacity for and distribution of vocational medical training.

The NMTAN currently has two subcommittees that explore different aspects of medical training to inform workforce planning:

- employment patterns and intentions of prevocational doctors and development of fact sheets on supply and demand in each of the medical specialties; and

- the capacity for and distribution of medical training, including the geographic distribution of medical training and community needs.

The dermatology report is part of the first segment of analysis under the capacity and distribution work. This report involves updating the supply and demand projections previously completed by the former Health Workforce Australia (HWA) and published in Health Workforce 2025 - Medical Specialists Volume 3 (HW 2025 Vol 3).

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