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2 Oct 2015

It's no secret that house prices in Australia are growing at an explosive rate, but what are the social costs of high house prices?

Housing is now seen as a key wealth generator and a driver of the economy. Has it always been seen...

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25 May 2015

Under the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing (NPARIH), the Australian Government provides resources to state and territory governments to improve housing conditions and expand housing options in remote Indigenous communities. This paper lays the foundation for an empirical investigation of the effectiveness of...

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13 Apr 2015

The project sought to understand what would be required to develop a model of CLTs for Indigenous communities in New South Wales (NSW), and also identify issues in considering a model for the Northern Territory.


Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a...

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7 Jul 2014

Housing reforms in remote Indigenous communities have resulted in a variety of tenancy management arrangements involving state, community and private housing sectors. This project identified different models of tenancy management, considered their housing outcomes, and shared the policy and practice lessons across jurisdictions.


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26 Feb 2014

Summary: This project provided policy-makers with an understanding of the complexity of property finance, its role in the supply of all housing types and tenures and the impact of the Global Financial Crisis on property lending.


The researchers interviewed property developers...

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