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8 May 2018

This research was commissioned by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to increase understanding of the factors associated with successful transitions from out-of-home care. The study is scheduled to end in 2018. This first report uses data from the first wave of surveys...


16 Nov 2016

Summary: It is commonly stated that there is a need for flexible child care to be available to parents especially for those who work variable or non-standard hours, given the 24/7 nature of today's labour market. But Australian and international research shows that parents'...


13 Apr 2016

This paper provides a summary of the key findings from this evaluation into meeting the needs of parents who work non-standard or variable work hours and who may have difficulties finding child care that supports such work hours.

Given the importance of child care...



12 Apr 2016


The Australian Institute of Family Studies was commissioned by the Department of Education and Training to undertake an evaluation of the Australian Government’s Child Care Flexibility Trials, which took place between 2013 and 2014. This publication summarises the key findings from that...


18 Dec 2014

This is the final report of the independent evaluation of the “New Income Management” program which was introduced in the Northern Territory in late 2010 and involved restrictions on how people can spend their income support payments. There is a large (380 page) detailed full...

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