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16 Apr 2007

This workshop covered topics such as policy options for enhancing the international mobility of researchers and mechanisms to build research capacity in both OECD countries and non-member economies. Workshop presentations are available online.

Research report

5 Apr 2007

This analysis argues that for both equity and efficiency reasons gender differences in ICT occupations, education, access and use need to be addressed, and that more detailed, analytical work on the evolution of ICT occupations, education and use should be undertaken and the effects of...

Research report

22 Mar 2007

The expansion of the services sector, globalisation, deregulation, and the emergence of new information technologies have brought to the fore the issue of how knowledge is created, disseminated, retained and used to obtain economic returns. This report looks at how better understanding and improved disclosure...

Research report

15 Feb 2007

Consumer troubles and complaints in relation to mobile commerce are increasing. This report suggests that countries create more effective schemes for information disclosure, liability protection over SIM and RFID cards, effective notice to excessive consumption, and the importance of consumer education. Businesses should also consider...

Conference paper

9 Feb 2007

The emergence of the Internet and the growing number of free trade zones have opened new distribution channels for counterfeit and pirated goods, and raised jurisdictional problems. These are the preliminary results of a new OECD study.

Conference paper

25 Jan 2007

This report presents an overview of a September 2006 workshop which aimed to identify and scope the main issues relating to raise of new online, content-rich audiovisual services and related business and policy challenges.

Research report

18 Jan 2007

This paper provides an overview of the evolution in mobile multiple play services (voice, data and video) and raises relevant regulatory and policy issues. The mobile infrastructure is being upgraded as 3G network coverage expands and as mobile broadcasting networks are being developed.

Research report

18 Jan 2007

The objective of this discussion paper is to open up the debate between OECD member countries on how to establish a practical transition towards an effective policy for AV-content distribution in a multiplatform environment.


17 Nov 2006

This report draws out key trends and factors of growth and competitiveness, and identifies some major dilemmas for policymakers.

Research report

15 Nov 2006

After analogue TV signals are switched off with the shift to digital transmission, a significant amount of spectrum bandwidth is expected to be freed-up, potentially making it available for other applications rather than replicating the similar quality analogue TV programs. This paper discusses spectrum management...

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