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22 Jul 2009

This paper briefly places the contribution of mining into the context of the wider economy, and focuses on the impact of coal mining on both natural and agricultural areas of NSW.

The minerals industry is NSW’s largest export industry, accounting for export revenue...


16 Dec 2008

Biofuels are fuels made from renewable biological feedstocks, either crops or waste. There are two main biofuels with commercial prospects in Australia: ethanol and biodiesel. These biofuels currently comprise less than 0.4% of the Australian automotive gasoline market.

This briefing paper outlines the...


17 Sep 2008

Significant challenges are confronting the petroleum and transport industry, both domestically and internationally. The first of these is tight supplies of crude oil, coupled with a growing market base of emerging economies. The second is the necessity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent dangerous...


18 Jun 2008

This paper considers the problems facing transport policy in large cities. As the world’s cities have become home to the vast majority of their national population, governments are faced with the challenge of providing transport infrastructure to accommodate the needs of their citizens. In many...


23 Mar 2008

Under the planning framework, some $30 billion worth of development applications are determined in NSW every year. Local government is responsible for assessing development worth $20 billion. Approximately 70 percent of this total value is for residential work, and up to 90 percent is lodged...

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