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1 Aug 2017

Universities must act to prevent sexual assault and harassment from happening in the first place, writes Michael Flood.


15 Jun 2017

Drawing on the latest evidence and experience, this report offers a set of recommendations for how organisations can engage men effectively to achieve gender equality at work.

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24 Nov 2009

The Department engaged VicHealth to review respectful relationships education in Victorian secondary schools resulting in the Respectful Relationships Education: Violence prevention and respectful relationships education in Victorian secondary schools report. The report provides guidance on good practice criteria required to achieve violence prevention and respectful...

Research report

25 Nov 2008

This report examines how violence against women specifically affects children and young people. It looks at the nature of violence they experience in their homes and their own relationships, its impacts, and the priorities for action if efforts to prevent violence among, and protect, young...

Research report

26 Jul 2005

Using a large database of self-completion interviews with 24,718 respondents aged 14 and over, compiled by Roy Morgan Research, Michael Flood and Clive Hamilton identify the extent of homophobia in Australia, according to factors including location, age, gender and educational attainment. In this study homophobia...

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