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Gideon Rozner is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He was admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2011 and spent several years practicing as a lawyer at one of Australia’s largest commercial law firms, as well as serving as interim general counsel to an ASX- 200 company. Gideon has also worked as a policy adviser to ministers in the Abbott and Turnbull Governments.

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14 Aug 2017

The decline in Australia’s working male population is a constant and serious trend that, unfortunately, is rarely discussed. Yet this silent crisis brings significant consequences for Australia, for the rapidly growing cohort of jobless men themselves and for their families and children.


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10 Jul 2017

Penalty rates have been a fixture of Australian industrial relations regimes since the late 1800s. With federation, a series of decisions by various state and federal wage-setting bodies began, culminating in the first ‘national’ penalty rate decision in 1947.

These early decisions...

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