Reasonable, necessary and valued: pricing disability services for quality support and decent jobs

SPRC report 10/17 - Prepared for Health Services Union, Australian Services Union and United Voice

13 Jul 2017

This report is concerned with prospects for quality services and decent jobs under Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Specifically, it examines how the prices set by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) are: 

• affecting disability support workers; 

• enabling employers of disability support workers to meet their industrial obligations; and 

• supporting development of a skilled, high-quality, and decently remunerated disability support workforce.

To understand and assess NDIS pricing arrangements, data was collected from several sources: 

• Government policy documents, industry submissions and reports were used to understand the structure of NDIS prices relevant to disability support work, and the assumptions underpinning price setting. 

• These documents, along with findings from a survey of CEOs of not-for-profit organisations registered to provide NDIS services in NSW, were used to understand how pricing arrangements are shaping employers’ decisions about the types of employment opportunities and services on offer. 

• Interview and survey data from employees helped capture the experiences and perspectives of workers providing disability services under the NDIS. This enabled assessment of how pricing arrangements are affecting working arrangements and disability support workers’ capacity to deliver quality services under the Scheme. 

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