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18 Sep 2009

Methamphetamine and heroin purchases decrease significantly as the price of methamphetamine increase, by as much as 27 per cent on a 10 per cent price rise, according to this report.

One of the core objectives of supply-side drug law enforcement is to reduce drug...

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30 Mar 2005

Using census data Peter Siminski, Jenny Chalmers and Marilyn McHugh find that foster carers are most likely to be women aged 35-54 years who are not in the labour force. Of the various family types (adjusted for age), couples with birth children are least likely...


16 Mar 2005

This paper argues that poor quality part-time work may exacerbate problems of work and family imbalance rather than contribute to their solution. Drawing on preliminary results from a research project currently underway at CASR, they introduce several dimensions that are important in any assessment of...


30 Nov 2004

This study develops a demographic profile of current carers in NSW and predict the likely availability of foster carers in specific locations based on that profile and projected demographic developments.

The study's main goal in this area is to identify the changes and forward...



1 Jul 2003

What determines the choice of residential location for workforceage income support recipients? Do jobseekers tend to move toward or away from areas with greater employment opportunities? Does location matter for employment outcomes? In the main article in the latest SPRC newsletter, Bruce Bradbury and Jenny...

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