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That’s it - I’m leaving: ministerial departures 1901–2017

12 Jul 2017

This new edition of ‘That’s it - I’m Leaving’ brings the coverage of ministerial departures up to early-2017, encompassing the last 25 years of departures since the last edition was published in 1992.

The resignation dates are those listed officially in the Governor-General’s notices, published generally as Special Gazettes in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette. In a number of cases, announcement of a resignation precedes the official date by a number of days. In recent years Special Gazettes have not always included a list of appointments terminated, nor even published a prime minister’s resignation. In cases where such announcements have not been published, the resignation date used in this chronology is the date the new minister was sworn in. The question of whether resignations are received was discussed in Senate Public Finance and Administration Committee Estimates hearings early in 2016.2 

Entries are arranged chronologically and by the ministry in office. The name of the minister is followed first by the name of the electorate or state represented; second by the term in Parliament; and third by party membership. 

The titles, decorations and awards of each minister are given as they were at the time of the relevant parliamentary term. Knighthoods or peerages, awards or decorations awarded after retirement from politics are not included. However, in the three cases of ministers who were subsequently appointed as Governor-General, full details are included.

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