Roger Harris

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5 August 2009

A striking feature both in the European Union and Australia is the wide scope of issues that governments are addressing and the role they envisage for VET.


21 February 2007

Patterns of pathways between and within vocational education and training (VET) and higher education are examined in this study. Roger Harris, Linda Rainey and Robert Sumner compare the notion of...

1 August 2006

This study examines the nature of the training activity of private registered training organisations (RTOs) offered to Australian students in 2003, based on data from a national sample of 330 RTOs...

21 March 2006

Roger Harris, Michele Simons and John Bone show that the preferred workplace features of trainers and New Apprentices in manufacturing were quite different from those in retail and community...

22 November 2005

Increasingly, vocational education and training practitioners work with industry and within private enterprises in arrangements that provide training for workers.

10 May 2005

Movement in Australia's tertiary sector - between and within higher education and vocational education and training - is a key feature of Australia's post-compulsory education system. Roger Harris...

22 March 2005

Reforms to Australia's vocational education and training sector have had a significant impact on practitioners' work in public and private providers. Roger Harris, Michele Simons, Berwyn Clayton...

29 October 2003

Training packages are a key reform of the vocational education and training (VET) system. In this report Michele Simons, Dave Meyers, Roger Harris and Kaaren Blom describe how the implementation...