The South East and Tablelands offers snow, surf and rural living with easy connections to Canberra and Sydney.

The population of the region is projected to increase by 45,450 people between 2016 and 2036, mainly in places within commuting distance of Canberra and Sydney, in the strategic centres and along the coast. The combined population of the local government areas within an hour’s commute of the ACT, and the Territory’s population itself, will increase to more than 660,000 by 2033 – a larger population than the Gold Coast today.

The South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036 represents a collaborative approach that closely integrates and aligns with the strategic planning for Canberra. This collaboration can unlock the enormous potential of a ‘borderless region’ – a place that will thrive regardless of State and Territory jurisdictions.

The Port of Eden and Canberra Airport will enhance access to national and international markets. More diverse tourism opportunities in the Snowy Mountains will strengthen long-term resilience.

This region faces an exciting future – and the South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036 is the blueprint to deliver that future.

The Plan guides the NSW Government’s land use planning priorities and decisions over the next 20 years. It is not intended to be a step-by-step approach to all land use planning. Rather, it is an overarching framework to guide more detailed land use plans, development proposals and infrastructure funding decisions.

The Implementation Plan that accompanies this Plan includes a series of priority actions, and identifies medium- and longer-term actions to coincide with population and economic change. The Local Government Narratives set out priorities for councils to guide further investigations and implementation.

The South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036 is the product of extensive consultation with councils, stakeholders and the wider community, following the release and exhibition of a draft Plan in 2016. The feedback from this consultation has been integral to this final Plan.

The South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036 provides the strategy necessary to deliver the vision for the region.

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