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29 Aug 2017

New Zealand's Labour Party has unveiled its biggest promise of the election campaign, promising to make tertiary education free for the first three years of study.

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4 Dec 2016

A 15 per cent loan fee on all new tertiary education lending could save the Commonwealth $700 million a year and make the Higher Education Loan Program more affordable for government. The fee would help to offset the government’s interest costs, while being fair to...

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7 Aug 2016


Many recent science and information technology graduates are failing to find full-time work at a time when science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is a priority for government and industry.

Mapping Australian higher education 2016 shows that in 2015,...



15 Jun 2016

Whichever party wins the 2 July election, changes to the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) scheme are on their way.

Both parties support lowering the threshold for starting repayment, although by different amounts. Both would abolish HELP debt reductions for some teaching and nursing...

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28 Mar 2016


Reducing the thresholds at which former students repay their debt to the Higher Education Loan Program would increase repayments by an initial $500 million a year and more over time. Without change, HELP costs will soar, putting teaching and research at risk...

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1 Nov 2015

More than $2 billion in surpluses from teaching are being used to fund research in Australian universities, according to this report.

Summary More than $2 billion in surpluses from teaching are being used to fund research in Australian universities. On a conservative estimate,...

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30 Aug 2015


For more than a year Australia has debated deregulating university fees for domestic undergraduates. The issue is controversial, but for many years fees have been deregulated for international students and domestic postgraduate coursework students. This report looks at how much these students...

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12 Oct 2014


For people new to higher education and higher education policy, the field can seem bewildering. Basic facts are surprisingly difficult to find and interpret. Funding entitlements reflect the sector’s history more than consistent policy principles. Proposed radical changes to higher education policy...

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15 Apr 2014

In 2012, the Australian Government lifted previously imposed limits on the funding of bachelor-degree students at public universities. This new system was called ‘demand driven’ because it allowed universities to respond to student demand and allowed more students to benefit from higher education.


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6 Apr 2014

The Commonwealth Government could save more than $800 million a year by 2017, according to this report, if it recovers outstanding student loans from deceased estates and people living overseas.

Overview: Student loans have helped millions of Australians finance their higher education since...

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