Communications Policy and Research Forum 2009

26 November 2009

The 2009 Forum was held at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) on 19-20 November.  Interest areas included ICT, digital media, telecommunications, broadcasting, communications culture, Internet and e-commerce.

Presentations and keynote speaches are available including:

Keynote speakers

  • Kim Williams, CEO, FOXTEL

Topic: The rise of the digital economy: profound effects for consumers, producers, current business models and media policy

  • Rosemary Sinclair, Chair, INTUG and Managing Director, ATUG

Topic: 2018 a Cyberspace Odyssey: how we can navigate through all the obstacles to a flourishing national broadband network

You can download the volume of Forum papers
Please click here to download the Record of the Communications Policy & Research Forum 2009.  It is a 370-page volume of the papers provided by a number of the speakers.  It is a 4.2MB PDF.  These are the papers in that volume:

  • The NBN — Do Australian broadband households feel the need for speed? by Peter Adams (presentation)
  • Survey wars: The explosion of measurement in audience ratings by Mark Balnaves & Tom O’Regan
  • IPTV: Glimmers of hope by Trevor Barr
  • Journalists as investigators and ‘quality media’ reputation by Alex Burns & Barry Saunders (presentation)
  • Twitter free Iran: An evaluation of Twitter’s role in public diplomacy and information operations in Iran’s 2009 election crisis by Alex Burns & Ben Eltham (presentation)
  • Bringing the internet down to earth: Emerging spaces of locative media by Tanya Nitins & Christy Collis (presentation)
  • Trends in online journalism: A case study approach based on EUAustralia Online by Lee Duffield, Amelia Birnie & Daniel Challis (presentation)
  • Policies, standards and frameworks for managing knowledge — exploring the use of the Australian standard by Stuart Ferguson & Sally Burford (presentation)
  • Democracy, participation and convergent media: Case studies in contemporary online news journalism in Australia by Terry Flew
  • User behaviours and intentions in digital media in Australia by Terry Flew, Christina Spurgeon & Anna Daniel
  • Minding the gap(s) in spectrum law: An Australian study and a case for reforms by Ben Freyens (presentation)
  • ‘Outside the box: Television 2018’ by Philip Bell, Ben Goldsmith, Hugh Pattinson & Annmarie Chandlerpresentation)
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT) and effects on ‘togetherness’ in family households by Yvonne Gora (presentation)
  • Service provider quality: The need for research by David Havyatt (presentation)
  • Consuming children: An analysis of Australian press coverage of the claims and counterclaims of advocacy and industry groups in relation to a proposed ban on ‘junk food’ advertising by Kate Holland, R Warwick Blood, Samantha Thomas, Asuntha Karunaratne & Sophie Lewis
  • ‘A battle between enraged bulls’: The 2009 Australian Senate Inquiry into sports news and digital media by Brett Hutchins & David Rowe (presentation)
  • Impossible choices: Complexity and dissatisfaction in the telecommunications consumer–service provider relationship by Elaine Lally & David Rowe (presentation)
  • Broadcasting: Turning audiences into consumers by Marion MCCutcheon & Jock Given (presentation)
  • Encouraging efficient usage of licensed spectrum by Denis Mullane
  • Strategies for implementing a converged ICT regulator in Indonesia by Yudhistira Nugraha & William Tibbenpresentation)
  • Digital custodianship: Pathways to reform by Diana Nujic (presentation)
  • 2013 analog TV switchoff: What are the prospects? by Franco Papandrea
  • Rethinking gatekeeping by Scott Rickard
  • It’s a Long Tail to the top (if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll)? by Kylie Ryan
  • The immersive internet: New models and lead users in Australia by Mandy Salomon
  • Alleviating privacy and security concerns in financial aggregation programs by Supriya Singh, Kathrin Fleischmann, Tony Ponton & Sheila Bellamy (presentation)
  • Generative audiences and social media by David Tham
  • Australian TV — the last bastion by Kim Williams


These are slides used during their presentation at the Forum by people whose did not have a written paper, or whose paper could not be included in the printed volume because of timing, copyright or other reasons.  

  • Recognition of Internet communities via the domain name system: the case for new cutural top level domains by Peter Gerrand
  • Understanding diversity in the older population: helping policy makers to address the Age Digital Divide as broadband access becomes the next froniter by Pam Coutts (presentation)
  • National broadband network - a way forward by Reg Coutts (presentation)
  • News and current affairs: delivery platforms and audiences by Margaret Cupitt (presentation)
  • Substitution and dependency in telecommunications by Paul Nicholas (presentation)
  • Capital punishment: regulatory reforms in commercial television broadcasting by Rob Nicholls (presentation)
  • O Canada: telecommunications interception policy as embedded liberalism by Rob Nicholls & Michelle Rowland (presentation)
  • Cybersafety and social networking by young people by Rosalie O'Neale (presentation)
  • Barriers to the effective use of digital media and communications by Lesley Osborne (presentation)
  • The NBN: making it happen - a discussion of some key aspects of implementing the NBN by Linh Tran, James Halliday & Stephen Wright (Tran & Halliday presentation) (Wright presentation)

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