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8 April 2014

Is Australia's Treasury Secretary correct to suggest the political ease with which GST increases were introduced in New Zealand holds lessons for Australia?

18 November 2014

Research produced by organisations in government, academia, NGOs and industry (grey literature) plays a key role in public policy. However, finding and accessing policy information is a time-...

19 September 2014

The Australian Institute of Family Studies was commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care to evaluate the National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy, which ran from 1995...

10 March 2014

Australia's mental health system will face an additional cost to the taxpayer of $9 billion if the structure and emphasis of the current system is maintained, argues this report.


23 October 2014

Digital technologies have radically increased our capacity to produce and disseminate research and information and many organisations including government departments and agencies, academic centres, NGOs, lobby groups and companies are now engaged in the production, use and curation of digital resources (grey literature). The result has been an explosion in online publishing, not just for academic publishers and journals, but for all kinds of documents - reports, discussion papers, data and statistics, reviews and information guides produced by a wide range of organisations.

27 October 2014

Imposing the GST on different types of imports has been a contentious topic for some time. Different parts of Australian society stand to benefit or lose significantly depending on how, or whether...

5 August 2014

Wikipedia is often held up as an example of the potential of the internet to foster open, free and non-commercial collaboration. However such discourses often conflate these values...