NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

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28 July 2014

After reaching a peak of 10,822 in April this year, the number of adults in custody in NSW fell back to 10,515 in June.

16 June 2014

Being a victim of violent crime has a damaging effect on mental health, particularly for women, according to this report.

2 June 2014

In the 24 months to March 2014, domestic violence, indecent assault and fraud increased in New South Wales, while other types of major offences decreased or remained stable.

30 May 2014

This study finds that females are still in the minority among persons of interest (POIs) recorded by NSW Police, but also that their numbers are growing.

15 May 2014

New South Wales' adult prison population reached a record high in March this year of 10,741.

15 May 2014

This paper provides a preliminary analysis of the rapid rise in the New South Wales' prison population from January 2013 to March 2014.

2 May 2014

This study examined the risk of re-offending of those who received an intensive correction order, relative to those who received periodic detention and suspended sentences with supervision.

10 April 2014

This report provides a statistical overview of recent crime trends in New South Wales.

10 April 2014

This report presents data on crime reported to, or detected by, the NSW Police Force from January 1995 to December 2013, with a focus on the statistical trends for the 24 months ending December 2013.

10 April 2014

This paper analyses the trends in the rates of annual recorded incidents of 10 categories of property and violent crime for the period 1990 to 2013 in New South Wales.