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25 February 2015

Property offences have been declining in New South Wales, but one crime which has bucked this trend is fraud.

19 February 2015

This paper argues that regulatory authorities should be concerned about increases in liquor outlet density.

12 February 2015

This paper finds that public confidence in the NSW Criminal Justice System has improved since 2007, but pervasive misperceptions around crime trends and justice outcomes seemingly continue to...

30 January 2015

This report presents 24 months of reception, discharge and custody population data for New South Wales, and comparisons between the current and previous quarter for age, gender, indigenous status...

8 December 2014

This paper finds that providing legal advice and representation to Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) defendants does not result in fewer breaches of ADVOs, but defendants receiving legal...

3 December 2014

In the 24 months to September 2014, none of the major offence categories showed a significant upward trend across New South Wales as a whole.

2 December 2014

Describes and discusses trends in age-specific rates of offending for property crime, robbery and serious assault.

1 December 2014

Describes the nature of malicious damage to property offences in Bourke Local Government Area, considering the characteristics of both the offence and known offenders.

27 November 2014

Large-scale seizures of cocaine, heroin and amphetamine-type substances (ATS) do not result in any reduction in overdoses on these drugs or on arrests for use and possession of these drugs,...

25 November 2014

There is no evidence licensed premises are systematically concealing assaults in a bid to avoid losing their liquor license or to avoid having restrictions imposed on their trading hours,...