NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

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3 October 2014

This paper examines how recorded crime trends in New South Wales may be affected by the percentage of crimes ‘rejected’ by police as not genuine.

23 September 2014

This study finds that although suspended sentences were introduced as an alternative to prison, in New South Wales they appear to have had the opposite effect.

18 September 2014

Examines factors associated with early, late, and not guilty pleas in the District Court of NSW.

11 September 2014

This study finds that offending on parole is less common than previous studies have suggested.

11 September 2014

This study finds evidence that parole is effective in reducing the risk of re-offending in Australia.

4 September 2014

In the 24 months to June 2014, no major crime categories in New South Wales showed a significant upward trend across the state as a whole.

28 July 2014

After reaching a peak of 10,822 in April this year, the number of adults in custody in NSW fell back to 10,515 in June.

16 June 2014

Being a victim of violent crime has a damaging effect on mental health, particularly for women, according to this report.

2 June 2014

In the 24 months to March 2014, domestic violence, indecent assault and fraud increased in New South Wales, while other types of major offences decreased or remained stable.

30 May 2014

This study finds that females are still in the minority among persons of interest (POIs) recorded by NSW Police, but also that their numbers are growing.