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4 Apr 2018

This paper examines the leadership of places – cities, regions, communities – in Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom, and explores the capacity of vignettes to generate new, theoretical and empirical insights.



4 Jan 2016

WHEN Camilla Pivato walked around Melbourne on her first day in Australia she felt she was finally in the right place. “I just fell in love with Australia and the Australian way of life,” she tells me by Skype from Rimini, on the Adriatic Coast....

Research report

15 Jul 2015

Executive summary

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Independent Review of the Role of Metrics in Research Assessment and Management. The review was chaired by Professor James Wilsdon, supported by an independent and multidisciplinary group of experts in scientometrics, research...

Research report

1 Jul 2015

The internet and internet-enabled devices have transformed our everyday lives and relationships. We entrust them with our precious personal information including contacts and images and rely on them to connect us to a vast repository of knowledge, anytime, anywhere.

As part of its commitment...

Research report

29 Jun 2015

This paper examines the impact of government assistance through R&D grants on innovation output for firms in New Zealand. Using a large database that links administrative and tax data with survey data, we are able to control for large number of firm characteristics and thus...

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2 Jul 2014

In this paper, a model based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has been applied to real estate appraisal. Moreover, an evaluation of ANN performances in estimating the sale price of residential properties has been carried out. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are useful in modelling input-output...

Research report

20 Jul 2013

Presents a systematic analysis of the coverage of Italian matters in the Australian news media in the period 2005-2012.

Executive summary

The study presents a systematic analysis of the coverage of Italian matters in the Australian news media in the period 2005-2012....

Journal article

1 Jan 2013

This paper demonstrates three alternative approaches for mining consumer sentiment from large amounts of qualitative data found in online travel reviews. Manual content coding, corpus-based semantic analysis, and stance-shift analysis represent methods varying greatly in both process and output. For illustration purposes, they are applied...

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1 Jan 2011

Increasing globalization, if properly exploited, can provide interesting opportunities for regional economies. Nevertheless, when they are not managed with a far-sighted approach, regions, and particularly those at an intermediate level of development, can lose their comparative advantages compared with regions of developing countries. Innovation is...

Journal article

1 Jan 2009

he article discusses the LIBERO Consortia and Resource Sharing concept that has achieved a large degree of success in many regions of Australia and Europe. The latest LIBERO Consortia success story is that of Padova in Italy; wherein 104 communities joined together to form a...


1 Jan 2007

The last 15 years have brought a dramatic change in public decision making and public policy building. A trend toward decentralisation has meant that more and more sub-national governments now find themselves responsible for providing a host of public goods and services. Rarely, however, can...


1 Jan 2005

1. The work that the OECD Rural Working Party has carried out in the last years has converged towards acceptance that sectoral approaches to rural areas have not given the expected results and that there is a need for more effective, place-based policies which can...



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