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Pugalis, Lee
Gray, Nick

The policy field of regional development is perennially faced with new challenges and, as a result, it continues to evolve. More recently, according to some researchers there has been an important transformation or change in emphasis in the character of regional development. Some have...

Hastings, Catherine
Wortley, Liana
Ryan, Roberta
Grant, Bligh

Regional Australia is confronted by specific demographic, social, economic and infrastructure challenges, which we are denoting as 'slow-burn' threats. This article interrogates a recent national survey concerned with the value of local government to Australian communities, focusing...

Gerritsen, Rolf

There is some controversy in Australia over the role of regional universities in the economic development of their regions. This paper assumes that regional universities can be valuable additions to regional development. To avoid the Grattan 'taxpayer-money-recycled' critiques, this...

O'Malley, Denis Anthony

What effects does governance, industry or remoteness have on regional incomes? This paper uses linear regression and correlation analysis to investigate the relationship between income, local employment in governance of transactions, public administration, the remaining industry classes, and...

Drew, Joseph
Campbell, Nicole

Local government plays a vital role in providing infrastructure, services and employment to rural and regional communities. Indeed, threats to the fiscal viability of regional councils may well jeopardise the sustainability of an entire community. In December 2013 the New South Wales (NSW)...

Stimson, Robert
Mitchell, William
Flanagan, Michael
Baum, Scott
Shyy, Tung-Kai

Analysing spatial variations in regional economic performance is a common focus for research by regional scientists. Typically such investigations suffer from using de jure regions (such as Local Government Areas) as the spatial base because data tend to be readily available for such...

Mangioni, Vince

Australia has capacity to increase effort from recurrent land taxation while reducing less efficient transaction taxes on property. The objective of increasing land tax revenue is thwarted by a number of factors of which this paper examines the impost of recurrent land tax by state and local...

Moore, Tod

Since 1901 the structure of formal politics in Australia has been determined by the nature of Australian federalism as a framework for resource allocation and authoritative decision-making. As opposed to the more usual two-tiered structure of politics where there is national and local/regional...

Grant, Bligh
Ryan, Roberta
Martin, John

In December 2015 the Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association International (ANZRAI) held its 39th Annual Conference at the University of Technology Sydney. Prior to the conference the Editorial Board of Australasian Journal of Regional Studies (AJRS) and the Executive of ANZRAI...

Thomas, Philip
Adapa, Sujana
Fortunato, Michael W-P
Alter, Theodore

Intentional Innovation Communities (IICs) are co-created structures with an overarching aim of achieving the realisation of ideas through a transfer of knowledge process that results in new things, with desirable consequences. IIC structures facilitate idea creation, selection and implementation...

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