18 Sep 2017

London’s distinct housing market has been exhibiting the strains of a crisis for some time. The scale of the demand for property, the tenure and household mix, the affordability gap for both renting and buying, and the scale of serious housing need all set London...


11 Aug 2017

The Mayor wants London to be the world’s greenest global city. This draft London Environment Strategy sets out bold policies and proposals in six policy areas and the transition to a low carbon circular economy to make this vision a reality. It provides, for the...

Blog post

20 Jul 2017

Through its profitable exploitation of planning system loopholes on affordable housing obligations, Lendlease has achieved notoriety within UK affordable housing advocacy circles. And just how this came about is a tale with direct implications for Sydney.


19 Jun 2017

A hulking ruin stands in judgement over a country adrift, writes David Hayes.

Journal article

12 Jun 2015

A new research approach has proved that good design adds cash value to property.

Research report

3 Mar 2015

Two thirds of all crime in England and Wales is property crime, yet victims have little faith in the ability of the criminal justice system to address it. Only one in every ten shoplifting incidents is reported to police, and half of burglary victims never...

Journal article

21 Jun 2014

This article draws on accounts of white working-class boys (age 14-16) from South London in order to explore how they reconstitute their learner-identities within the ‘raising aspirations’ rhetoric. The current dominant neoliberal discourse in education, which prioritises a view of aspiration that is competitive, qualification-focused,...

Conference paper

12 Sep 2013

This paper seeks to advance the empirical grounding of rhythmanalysis through a comparative study of nine selected street intersections in London, New York and Melbourne.

Research report

30 Jun 2007

One of the besetting sins of creative industries policy-making is its obsession with the new, its insistence that everything is changed utterly, and its seeming ignorance, often of its own history. In part this reflects the tangling up of creative industry policy in discourse about...


1 Sep 2006

This report evaluated the UK's Key Worker Living programme which aimed to lower housing costs for key workers.

Working paper

15 May 1989

This paper discusses postmodern style in architecture and planning, as well as a theory of aesthetics which serves as a basis for evaluation of postmodernism.