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Harington, Phil

A close and reliable connection between sociology and social work seems plausible, indeed sensible but it has seldom been run smoothly. Indeed it has in various settings become insufferable, messy and even fractured. The article melds two sets of observations based on a career being a...

Thomson, Rex W
Jackson, Steve

The subdiscipline of the sociology of sport heralded its arrival on the international scene with an agreement in Geneva in 1964 to establish an International Committee for Sport Sociology (ICSS), and the setting up of this committee took place in Warsaw the following year. Over the past 50 years...

Thorns, David

This article tracks my own biography as a way of showing how my sociological studies have developed over the 40 years I have been a professional sociologist. Working in the UK for 8 years and then in New Zealand has reinforced for me the importance of a comparative and historical Perspective....

Faleolo, Moses Ma'alo

A study of Samoan young people's associations with youth gangs in South Auckland found that the parents' practice of sending of troubled young people to extended family in Samoa, in the hope that the move would transform them into 'well-behaved' individuals, often falls short...

Harris, Andrew
Schafer, Gabriele

In researching workplace conflict, Harris (2011) discovered a significant mismatch between the results of his qualitative research and the majority of the literature on workplace conflict. For some reason the issue of systemic power had been ignored as a factor that could cause conflict in much...

Curtis, Bruce

Review(s) of: Sorrows of a century: Interpreting suicide in New Zealand, 1900 - 2000, by John C. Weaver (2014), McGill-Queens / Bridget Williams Books.

Fa'alau, Fiva

Family communication plays a fundamental role in relationships between Samoan youth, their parents and families. The nature and depth of relationships family members have with each other shape patterns of family communication. This article draws on data from a study of Samoan youth's...

Crothers, Charles

In her book on public attitudes to social citizenship - and earlier and later articles (2014, 2015b, 2016) - Louise Humpage (2015a) traces three decades of attitudinal data (from New Zealand, Australia and the UK) to see if the watering- down of social citizenship rights through government-led (...

Katona, Aniko

Review(s) of: Generation rent: Rethinking New Zealand's priorities, by Eaqub, S. and Eaqub, S. (2015), Wellington, Bridget Williams Books....

Macpherson, Cluny

We are grateful to the Editors of 'New Zealand Sociology' for the opportunity to produce this special issue which presents five articles which reflect a shift in the character of Pacific social science. To understand the context of this shift, and its significance, it is useful to...

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