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11 April 2017

In the aftermath of the further use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, an opportunity for negotiation with Russia and Iran now beckons. Richard Menhinick asks if we are virtuous enough to do...

22 March 2017

This article considers the Victorian government's announcement of an early retirement scheme aimed at re-deploying some workers being made redundant due to the Hazelwood power station closure.

10 March 2017

This article comments on the proposed ABC restructure, which plans to deploy more resources to rural and regional areas.

17 February 2017

This resource is a summary of the outcome of the ACT election, held in October 2016.

Case study
15 February 2017

This case study explores HomeGround Real Estate, an innovative model of delivering affordable housing pioneered by HomeGround Services (now Launch Housing) in Victoria.

14 December 2016

To mitigate uncertainty and ensure consistent protection for journalists, Australia needs an all-encompassing, national shield law like New Zealand has.

Briefing paper
17 October 2016

A discussion of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander incarceration rates and subsequent policy responses must acknowledge and understand the history of disadvantage that surrounds...

10 October 2016

Pursuing vigilante justice under parliamentary privilege should never be an element of the criminal justice system.

5 October 2016

This Topic Guide provides an overview of the development of social impact bonds, a mechanism for using private investment funds to finance social programs, together with links to reports and...

15 September 2016

This report into the Northern Territory's Community Courts program was commissioned by the NT Department of Justice in 2012.

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Audio lecture/presentation
15 September 2015

It’s called grey literature because it’s typically unregulated and beyond the scrutiny and control of the peer reviewed journals or public service processes. But is grey literature credible? Does...

Journal article
10 July 2012

Research reports, or grey literature as they are also known, are an essential part of many disciplines including public policy. While access to these reports has become easier in many respects,...

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