Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research

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Source Acronym: CAEPR

Owning Institution: Australian National University

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Working paper
21 March 2017

This report examines trends in participation in vocational education and training, and attainment of vocational qualifications, among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people during 2002–15....

8 February 2017

This report uses data from national health and social surveys of the Indigenous population, conducted between 2002 and 2012-13, to examine whether associations of some key social determinants with...

Discussion paper
2 December 2016

The Community Development Programme (CDP) is contributing to significant hardship for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. This collection presents the evidence and...

Working paper
7 November 2016

The objective of this paper is to review the body of evaluations of, and related research into income management, to identify the extent of consistency acrossthese studies and, where there may be...

31 August 2016

This book examines the consequences of the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP)'s closure for Indigenous people, communities and organisations.

Working paper
5 August 2016

This paper demonstrates that most Indigenous people want to participate in the economy and will take up available jobs provided that they are 'work ready'.

Working paper
22 June 2016

Argues that social security penalties being applied to jobseekers participating in the Remote Jobs and Communities Program have increased at a startling rate, and provides further evidence of the...

Working paper
10 June 2016

The research presented here seeks to understand the reasons Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees opt to leave the Australian Public Service (APS).

Working paper
24 May 2016

This paper draws on interviews with leaders of successful Aboriginal organisations to understand the factors behind the successes that they are achieving in their communities.

Working paper
20 May 2016

This paper reviews literature related to the intersectionality of gender and educational attainment, with a special focus on the circumstances surrounding the Australian Indigenous population.