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6 April 2017

This paper argues that famines in the Horn of Africa could be normalised due to the constant conflict, an absence of good government and now worsening droughts, partly due to climate change.

4 April 2017

Security in the Indian Ocean region has become more problematic and complex given the persistent threats to the smooth flow of trade and commerce which demands freedom of navigation and security...

30 March 2017

Maintaining the availability of water to plants while ensuring healthy, sustainably productive soils, relies on understanding the natural processes of climate and weather and managing complex and...

16 March 2017

Carbon capture and storage technology will have a key role in reducing future greenhouse gas emissions.

23 February 2017

The economy of Timor-Leste is dependent on revenues from oil and gas reserves, which are beginning to run out.

16 February 2017

Expenditure by foreign military forces visiting northern Australia has had significant impact on local economies.

10 November 2016

Food and water security trends in the Melanesian region will increasingly pose serious political, social and economic challenges to Australia’s role in the region and overall regional stability....

8 November 2016

In addition to economic reforms, Jakarta faces other challenges such as perceived corruption within the government and public services.

26 October 2016

It is expected that issues such as economic co-operation, maritime co-operation and counter-terrorism will be raised when Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, visits Australia next month, writes ...

22 September 2016

As water has long been a source of tension between the three countries of the Tigris-Euphrates Basin, an agreement on the sharing of water resources will be a vital component in any effort...

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3 May 2016

Discussion with counter-terrorism expert Sidney Jones, relating to some of the potential security challenges confronting Indonesia.

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19 April 2016

This resource discusses soil microbiology, soil microbiological ecosystems and research into the analysis and maintenance of healthy soils and soil biological fertility, with Dr Peter Keating,...

25 February 2016

This interview discusses important land care practices to ensure pastoral sustainability in the Kimberley region.

Discussion paper
15 October 2015

In recent years, Pakistan has seen a major shift in its foreign and defence policy orientation taking political pundits by surprise. 

Discussion paper
13 October 2015

As a middle income, developing country, and despite being overwhelmed by internal conflicts, political instability and a lack of governance, Pakistan has remained an active international actor in...

Discussion paper
1 October 2015

From its inception on 26 January 1950, the Republic of India has possessed the strategic vision of playing a major role in Asian and world affairs. 

Discussion paper
22 September 2015

Urban India faces considerable water security challenges that have the potential to worsen in the coming decades as the level of urbanisation continues to increase. 

17 September 2015

Plant growth, vigour and yield are dependent upon the availability of a number of essential element nutrients. Many of the soil types found in Australia are deficient in some of the essential...

15 September 2015

Tehran has reportedly sent around one thousand élite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) troops to back up its proxy Hezbollah forces that are fighting Islamic State terrorists in Syria. 

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7 September 2015

This document summarises the discussions and key outcomes of the second Indian Ocean dialogue, held in Perth on 5-7 September 2015.

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