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4 January 2017

This presentation discusses the concentration of economic growth in cities - and the implications for productivity.

4 December 2016

This report argues that a 15% loan fee on all new tertiary education lending could save the Commonwealth $700 million a year and make the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) more affordable for...

27 November 2016

This report contends that a new deal among governments and school systems can end Australia’s toxic school funding debate and transform teaching and learning in schools, without costing the...

22 November 2016

This new Grattan Institute report argues that Australia should introduce a tax on sugary drinks to recoup some of the costs of obesity to the community.

20 November 2016

This report argues that the Commonwealth government could save about $1 billion a year by winding back tax breaks for older Australians that are unduly generous and have no sensible policy...

27 October 2016

Policy, especially in housing, is struggling to keep up, as Grattan CEO, John Daley, shows in this presentation to the Melbourne Economic Forum.

25 October 2016

Dr Peter Goss considers school age population growth and its impact on schools planning.

23 October 2016

This report argues that Australian governments spent $28 billion more on transport infrastructure over the past fifteen years than they told taxpayers they would spend.

2 October 2016

So much of the national conversation about superannuation simply assumes that 'savings for retirement' is synonymous with 'superannuation savings.' This is a big mistake.

25 September 2016

Soaring South Australian wholesale electricity prices in July have exposed the urgent need for Australia to develop climate change and energy policies that combine to maintain reliable, affordable...

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30 November 2016

The Infrastructure Plan recommends publication of full project business cases and robust post-completion reviews once a project has been delivered. How disappointing, then, that the government is...

24 October 2016

An expert panel responds to Treasurer Scott Morrison's vision for increasing home ownership. 

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