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Jackson, Lisa Marie

This paper provides an overview of research into the management of lessons in the emergency management sector to identify what success looks like when implementing lessons management. This research included a literature review, an evaluation of Australian and international emergency services...

Parsons, David

In contemporary Australia mine disasters involving miners trapped underground are not common. However, experience from recent mine disasters in Australia and overseas show that when underground entrapments do occur they create a range of issues for the mine and local community to manage. The...

Jones, Freya

There are many ways for a community to reduce its risk to the effects of hazards and disasters. Science and research play an important role, but for many remote and Indigenous communities, this cannot provide all of the solutions. Local knowledge can be pivotal to their risk reduction. To this...

Foster, Michelle

The top end of Australia was the focus for world-first training for international Emergency Medical Team Coordinators in October 2015. The chaos following a category five cyclone on an imaginary Pacific island called Namuna was recreated in Australia for this first global disaster relief...

Rich, Jane
Booth, Angela
Rowlands, Allison
Redd, Prasuna

In 2013, the Blue Mountains region of NSW experienced devastating bushfires. In response, the Step By Step Blue Mountains Bushfire Support Service was established by the Ministry of Police and Emergency Services and a local Blue Mountains service, Gateway Family Support. The service was to...

Kelly, Kirsty

In Australia, floods cause an average $377 million in damage each year. Rebuilding flood-affected communities in ways that enhance their resilience to future flood events is important to strengthen individuals, businesses and institutions and minimise the adverse effects of future disasters.


The Surf Emergency Response System (SERS) was established in 2008 by Surf Life Saving (SLS) as a single point of contact within each state for Police and other emergency services organisations to contact and activate lifesaving services. SERS was created in response to the complex and...

Lentini, Rosemarie

For Australian architect Helen Lochhead, building resilience to disasters involves 'building back better'....

McLennan, Blythe
Molloy, Julie
Handmer, John

This paper presents a case study of Emergency Volunteering - Community Response to Extreme Weather (EV CREW). EV CREW is a best-practice model for centrally coordinating spontaneous volunteers who respond during emergencies. The model was developed by Volunteering Queensland, a not-for-profit...

Hunt, Susan

Natural disasters have always occurred regularly in Australia and governments have developed public policy responses for dealing with loss and damage resulting from disasters. In early 2011, Australian governments at all levels adopted the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (NSDR) (...

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