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10 March 2017

This report looks at zero-day vulnerabilities - software vulnerabilities for which no patch or fix has been publicly released - and assesses their usefulness in cyber operations, and defensive and...

10 January 2017

In this report, RAND researchers, with the help of an advisory panel, craft a research agenda to prepare the U.S. legal system to address the effects of emerging technologies on individuals'...

15 September 2016

Examines the ACBPS and DIBP as they existed before consolidation, how the combined organisation has been able to incorporate into a single entity, and assesses the degree to which the new...

17 August 2016

This report draws on publicly available data to examine this ongoing debate about ISIS on Arabic Twitter and to better understand the networks of ISIS supporters and opponents on Twitter.

27 May 2016

This report examines the governmental organisational structures used in three Australian-led interventions in the late 1990s and early 2000s in the Southwest Pacific regions: Bougainville, East...

6 November 2013

This paper presents the results from exploratory primary research into the role of the internet in the radicalisation of 15 terrorists and extremists in the UK.

11 October 2013

This paper provides assessments of some of the most promising technical tools for predictive policing, which is the use of analytical techniques to identify promising targets for police...

5 September 2013

This report examines whether and how furthering Internet freedom can empower civil society vis-à-vis public officials, make the government more accountable to its citizens, and integrate...

3 June 2013

The objective of this study was to establish a high level understanding of cyber defence capabilities across EDA's participating Member States (pMS) to support progress toward a more consistent...

27 March 2013

The Australian Technology Network of Universities asked RAND Europe to review the Excellence in Innovation for Australia (EIA) Impact Assessment Trial ('the EIA Trial'), in order to assess how...