14 Sep 2015

This briefing explores the evolving relationship between media and politics in the period following the Arab uprisings of 2011.

Overview: Over the past several years, the Arab world has been characterised by an increasingly polarised political discourse. ‘After the Arab uprisings: the prospects for...

Journal article

8 Aug 2013

Abstract : In this paper, I wish to explore the apparent unrepresentability of some forms of extreme experience. Following a line of thought expressed by Steiner (that some experiences must remain unspoken because they are too traumatic for words) and Caruth (that some experiences...


2 Jun 2003

Claims by the federal government that Australia is potentially at risk of an attack by Hezbollah, a group blamed for a number of terrorist attacks worldwide, have led to the introduction of amendments to the criminal code which would provide a mechanism to proscribe Hezbollah....



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