1 Jan 2016

As the primary site for development of all herbicide-tolerant corn seed and with more experimental field trials of genetically engineered crops than anywhere else in the world, Hawai‘i is placed at the epicenter of the agrochemical-seed-biotechnology industry’s global chains of production. It is also a...


1 Jan 2016

Sound Travels constructs a biographical narrative of musician, musical director, showman and entrepreneur Ernest Kaleihoku Kaai (b. Honolulu 1881 – d. Florida 1962). It takes into account the extent of his musical practice and the scale of his touring in the Asia Pacific region at...

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12 Feb 2013

1.1 Research OrientationDuring the course of archaeological fieldwork conducted late in 1978, 425 artifacts relating to fishhook manufacture were recovered from site 38 on Moloka'i Island in the Hawaiian chain. Fishhook manufacturing artifacts include Porities sp coral and echinoid urchin spine abraders, basalt flakes, bone...


23 Nov 2011

This thesis presents the results of an ethnographic inquiry into haku mele (Hawaiian language composition) and modern Hawaiian vocal performance practice. It hypothesises that there are elements and characteristics in Hawaiian language compositions and vocal performance that are valued above others by composers, performers and...


18 Nov 2011

The purpose of this thesis is to explore the lived experiences of contemporary Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) women voyagers and navigators from the double hulled sailing canoe Hōkūle'a. The research is unique because it addresses the historical and contemporary gaps in scholarly texts and publications...


3 Dec 2010

The primary objective of this thesis is to place the pedagogies and practices of Halau Hula O Maiki, as expressed by a number of halau students, in the context of Hawaiian Education. The thesis begins by reviewing the pre-contact, colonial and indigenous education movements in...


4 Jun 2010

The attached video presents a seminar given by Dr Lachy Paterson on 23/3/2010 to the Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies, Monash University as part of the Brown Paper Seminar Series. Te Tumu thanks Monash University for allowing this seminar to be further disseminated.The research, still...


6 Jul 2005

In ancient Hawai'i, elites employed ideology as a way of acquiring and stabilising political and economic power. Material evidence of this is found in the numerous temples throughout the islands and in the formalised rules for constructing elite households. Ethnohistoric literature describes Hawaiian households as...


19 Jun 2005

The world's indigenous peoples have been subjected to exploitation, discrimination, dispossession, relocation, assimilation and in some cases genocide since contact with the Western world. They have been the victims of an invasion which has since secured their position among the lowest social qualifiers. For centuries,...


1 Jun 2000

The most widely recognised approach to child abuse prevention is a model that draws together the concepts surrounding primary, secondary and tertiary intervention.

Primary prevention refers to stopping abuse before it starts by targeting members of the community through broad-based programs directed at populations...


20 Feb 1837

In 1837 a British Parliamentary Select Committee published a report on the situation of Aboriginal peoples across its colonies around the world including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Pacific Island Countries, South America and Africa. A second version of this report was subsequently produced in the...



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