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Fact sheet
23 February 2017

The International Energy Agency’s annual energy projections are a leading source for medium to long-term energy market modelling. However, the scenarios within these projections are regularly...

Fact sheet
4 February 2017

The Prime Minister made reference to the potential role of ultra-supercritical coal and carbon capture and storage in his address at the National Press Club on Tuesday. This analysis argues that...

10 November 2016

This submission focuses on the following questions: Why is a managed exit pathway for coal generators necessary? What are criteria for an appropriate exit pathway? What are the essential elements...

Briefing paper
4 November 2016

While the government has declared the Paris Agreement is in our national interest, the Agreement's long-term implications have yet to sink into Australia’s mainstream political and media discourse...

26 September 2016

Examines the views of Australians about matters relating to climate change and energy policy, through the ups and downs of changing weather patterns, related natural disasters and the waxing and...

23 August 2016

This National Agenda for Climate Action outlines the things Australian policy makers need to do if we are to look after communities, workers and our competitiveness in this inevitable shift to a...

Briefing paper
1 August 2016

Against the global backdrop of political uncertainty stemming from upcoming US election and the Brexit outcome, countries continue to lift the pace of decarbonisation in energy systems and develop...

Briefing paperReport
22 June 2016

Assesses the major parties' climate change mitigation policies, finding that all parties' policies need work to become credible, scalable and durable.

30 May 2016

This report reviews the financial implications of climate risk to housing in Australia.

Fact sheet
9 February 2016

This fact sheet assesses common statements about bushfires and climate change caused by carbon and other greenhouse gas pollution.

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Audio interviewAudio program
24 August 2016

Interview with Bill Hare, founder and CEO of Climate Analytics, to discuss a new report that has found that a seemingly small difference in global average temperature represents a large addition...

23 August 2016

This report, commissioned by the Climate Institute in Australia, examines the impacts on Australia of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C and 2°C, and to provide estimates of the global...

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The Climate Institute makes progress in tackling climate change possible. We are principled pragmatists. We get things done.

We are can do: We are not just a think tank, we’re also a "do tank". We connect people who can make a difference with the resources, evidence and ideas that will...

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