Research report

6 Dec 2017

The new O'Neill government faces a rapidly changing external environment as it struggles to manage a significant domestic economic downturn and unprecedented pressures on the national budget. Australia remains Papua New Guinea's closest foreign partner; by far its largest bilateral aid partner, trading partner and...

Discussion paper

16 Nov 2017

Rodger Shanahan and John Blaxland argue about whether Australia should maintain military operations in the Arabian Peninsula or focus on threats closer to home.


15 Oct 2017

Strategic risk is a grey area in which governments need to make critical assessments of capability, motive and intent. Over recent decades, judgements in this area have relied heavily on the conclusion that the capabilities required for a serious assault on Australia simply did...

Research report

5 Oct 2017

In this Centre of Gravity paper, Professor Robert Ayson explores how the links between economic and security considerations are intensifying in Asia. Yet, rather than anticipating an all-or-nothing choice between security interests with the US and economic interests with China, he shows that many Asia-Pacific...


15 Sep 2017

Twenty years on from the Asian Financial Crisis it is timely to assess how the region is placed to manage and mitigate risks of economic crisis, and to consider Australia’s role in this. This analysis frames the policy options Australia faces through imagining a potential...

Research report

30 Jun 2017

The two-decade period of United States post-Cold War predominance is now over, and an era of greater multipolarity has begun. Many fear that the rise of China and a resurgent Russia will bring marked decline in respect for rules and international law. Western policymakers are...

Research report

7 Feb 2017

The TPP was an ambitious attempt to create a regional trade agreement for the Asia-Pacific. If it had been successfully completed, it would have linked 12 countries, 819 million people and almost 26 per cent of global trade. The TPP would have included significant trade...

Audio program

10 Nov 2016

Experts are wondering what Donald Trump's election to the US presidency might mean for Asia-Pacific regional security. Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, said yesterday that countries in the region were looking for more US leadership rather than less. Whether or not they'll get it, however, is...

Briefing paper

26 Oct 2016

This In Brief highlights local ni-Vanuatu support structures initiated through workers’ participation in Australia’s Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) and New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE). It draws on recent interviews with workers, families, recruiters, leaders, chiefs and a support group in Vanuatu. In May...

Research report

13 Oct 2016


This paper addresses the question of how politics, especially in the US Congress, shapes US strategic policy, particularly towards Asia. Asia Pacific countries can use the political environment to influence American strategy. The US Pivot to Asia unfolds against the backdrop of...

Research report

1 Oct 2016


In this paper, six experts examine the South China Sea issue, and what role middle powers can play in helping ensure that the contest over disputed territory does not lead to conflict.

Brendan Taylor and William Tow examine Australian debates, arguing...

Research report

27 Sep 2016

The 2016 Cyber Maturity report is the culmination of 12 months’ research by the ASPI International Cyber Policy Centre. The report assesses the approach of 23 regional countries to the challenges and opportunities that cyberspace presents, in terms of their governance structure, legislation, law enforcement,...


5 Sep 2016

This report into all things digital, social and mobile in Asia-Pacific shows that there has been remarkable growth in the use of connected media and devices over the past 18 months.

Here are the headline numbers for digital connectivity in APAC:

Internet users...

Research report

10 Aug 2016

This edited collection of papers examines the emerging concept of the Indo-Pacific, maritime tensions including in the East and South China Seas, transnational security issues, the role of Japan as a regional security partner, and prospects for partnerships involving other countries. These are drawn from...


10 Jul 2016

From modest beginnings in 1967, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has become the premier regional institution in Southeast Asia. The 10 members are pursuing cooperation to develop the ‘ASEAN Community’ and also sponsor wider dialogues that involve the major powers. Australia has been...

Discussion paper

5 Jul 2016

Australia is positioned next to south-east Asia, where one billion people lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. Only half the population in the Pacific Island countries have access to such facilities, while poor hygiene and unsanitary living conditions have contributed to children in remote Australian...

Research report

27 Jun 2016


In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Nonresident Fellow Dr Malcolm Cook argues that the incoming Duterte administration in the Philippines promises to be very different from the Aquino administration. In particular, security policy under Duterte will be more inward-looking and focused on the...

Briefing paper

Fact sheet

24 Jun 2016

Offshore processing (referred to by the Australian Government as “regional processing”) is the term used to describe the arrangements by which Australia sends people seeking asylum who arrive by boat to either Nauru or on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG), where their refugee...

Research report

22 Jun 2016

Forging an effective U.S strategy in Southeast Asia starts with understanding the region from the inside out. Only with deep knowledge of the goals, perceptions, hopes, and intentions of Southeast Asian countries themselves can Washington craft policies that further U.S national interests, help stabilise the...

Audio interview

Audio program

21 Jun 2016

This interview discusses recent survey results regarding Australians' attitudes towards the ANZUS Alliance and our relations with China.

Support for the ANZUS alliance has fallen to its lowest point in almost a decade. New research shows that Australians are increasingly looking to China to...