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This keyword collection was initiated by Monica La Macchia, as part of her internship with APO in 2016. It provides a history of media and cross-media ownership policy in Australia, and includes an overview of options for reform in the internet age.

5 December 2016

The Media Interests snapshot provides an overview of the main interests in major commercial television and commercial radio networks and associated newspapers.

4 May 2016

This paper examines some of the issues involved in reforming media ownership laws in Australia.

Fact sheet
1 March 2016

There are currently five numerical tests that form the basis of Australia’s media control rules, which are set out in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992

Fact sheet
1 March 2016

The Government has announced the most significant reforms to Australian media regulation in a generation, focusing on the control and ownership of Australia’s traditional media outlets.

Fact sheet
1 March 2016

The Government has announced significant reforms to Australian media regulation and will introduce measures to protect and enhance the amount of local television content in regional Australia. ...

Fact sheet
1 March 2016

The Government has announced the most significant reforms to Australia's media laws in a generation, supporting the viability of our local organisations as they face increasing global competition...

Audio interview
25 February 2016

The media world is set to change once more, with the federal government proposing media companies will be able to own television stations, radio and newspapers. Terry Flew discusses what this...

9 February 2016

Changes to media laws could affect what regional audiences get to watch, read and listen to and there are concerns that proposed changes could mean fewer voices in rural media than ever before....

1 February 2016

This chronology traces the story of media ownership concentration and control since 1901 and the government policies and regulations that have responded to, or attempted to pre-empt, the trend...

Audio program
5 October 2015

A diverse, independent media is seen as central to a functioning democracy yet tight government regulation in Australia has failed to ensure a plurality of voices.