Social impact bonds

14 February 2017

This report provides evidence from case studies of homelessness services into how services supporting those experiencing homelessness are funded, and how different forms and levels of funding...

Briefing paper
10 February 2017

This paper provides an overview of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), defines recidivism, and then considers the extent and costs of recidivism in NSW.

5 October 2016

This Topic Guide provides an overview of the development of social impact bonds, a mechanism for using private investment funds to finance social programs, together with links to reports and...

4 October 2016

The concept has spread like wildfire but the results, here and overseas, are mixed, reports Mike Steketee

22 September 2016

This report argues that governments, insurers and service providers all stand to benefit from savings in future health costs if spending is directed to prevention of road trauma.

20 July 2016

The Victorian Government is exploring Social Impact Bonds to trial innovative interventions in complex areas of social disadvantage. This webpage contains links to a statement of opportunities,...

Working paper
31 May 2016

This working paper provides an overview of social impact bonds, a relatively new social policy took. It warns that further analysis is needed in order to develop a robust evidence base in order to...

11 May 2016

Since 2010, 43 social impact bonds have been set up in 11 countries representing an investment of over €200 million. This report examines their scope and location, and looks at the role of...

Discussion paper
30 April 2016

This statement identifies policy areas in which the NSW Government believes social impact investment can achieve better outcomes than existing programs.

25 January 2016

Although there would appear to be good reasons to support SIBs, their effectiveness and relevance to the delivery of long-term social programs are not as clear as might be expected. Their promise...