news consumption

9 February 2017

This study seeks to discern the nuances of Americans' digital news habits, and sheds light on whether people are actually aware of the sources of news they consume.

31 January 2017

Although few pay for news in Australia, The New York Times' is pushing into the country's fracturing newspaper market.

Blog post
11 January 2017

This blog post announcing the Facebook Journalism Project outlines how it is designed to support journalism and news literacy, and to serve as a hub for journalists and publishers to learn and...

8 December 2016

Unless we understand the psychology of online news consumption, we won’t be able to find a cure for the spread of online fake news.

1 December 2016

This report argues that as we move from a world of information scarcity to one of abundance, the smartphone lockscreen looks set to become a critical battleground for news publishers, platforms...

8 November 2016

This report, based on a survey of online news users, presents an analysis of news and media use in a range of markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

11 October 2016

This report looks at issues of brand and trust in an increasingly fragmented distributed news environments, where aggregators and social media play a key role.

Fact sheet
14 September 2016

Digital news continues to evolve, pushed by a variety of innovations in recent years. Here are ten key findings from recent Pew Research Center surveys and analyses that show how these rapid...

7 July 2016

Digital innovation has had a major impact on the public’s news habits. How have these changes shaped Americans’ appetite for and attitudes toward the news?

28 June 2016

This report explores the explosion in online video news seen over the last few years, and the implications for journalism.