6 January 2017

This report is a declassified version of a highly classified assessment that has been provided to the President and to recipients approved by the President.

Technical report
29 December 2016

The F.B.I. and Department of Homeland Security have released this report which details the ways that Russia acted to influence the American election through cyberespionage.

29 June 2016

This paper analyses Russia’s geopolitical ambitions, its military modernisation, the threat it poses to the international order, and how the West should respond.

McMillan, Stuart

Europe's problems have been compounded by rising tensions between Russia and Europe and Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. These have been exacerbated by a number of developments, including Russian annexation of Crimea and intervention in Syria. Sanctions have been imposed...

7 December 2015

Examines the security, energy, and regional engagement implications of Russia’s pivot to Asia and argues that despite numerous challenges confronting Putin, Moscow’s rebalance should be taken...

1 November 2015

This compilation presents publicly available information on subsidies to fossil fuel production.

O'Brien, Gregory

Although his background was in science, the ambassador reminded me that, because he was a Russian, art and poetry were deeply, deeply rooted in his psyche. It followed that he knew well the Moscow writers' centre, the Gorkiy Institute, which I had visited with the poets Ian Wedde and...

Easton, Brian

Any examination of Europe poses difficult questions. Even if its geographical bounds can be determined - its geographic centre is probably in Poland - it remains difficult to explain what it represents. Membership of the European Union is one defining characteristic, at least for part of the...

Hoadley, Stephen

Review(s) of: Russia's security policy under Putin: A critical perspective, by Aglaya Snetkov, Published by Routledge, London and New York, 2015, 254pp. US$145....