Video lecture/presentation
11 April 2017

The Treasurer, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, addressed the issue of housing affordability in a lecture hosted by AHURI at the State Library in Melbourne on Monday 10 April 2017.

Video lecture/presentation
30 March 2017

Video recording of a public seminar themed around the closure of the Hazelwood power station: presented by the Australian-German Climate and Energy College in collaboration with the Melbourne...

Video program
26 March 2017

This "Sunday" television current affairs story journeys down the Selwyn River in New Zealand investigating the impact of dairy farming, climate change and irrigation in causing reduced flow and...

Video interview
23 March 2017

ABC TV interviewed Carrie Hamilton, from the Housing Action Network in Sydney, about bond aggregation.

Video podcast
20 March 2017

This episode of Q&A Extra continues the discussion on fake news.

Video lecture/presentation
10 March 2017

This panel discussion brings together journalists, news editors and academics to explore what matters to children when they consume news.

Video lecture/presentation
3 March 2017

Vox's Melissa Bell delivered the Reuters Memorial Lecture, 'We Broke the News. How do we fix it?'

Video interview
20 February 2017

Interview with Tony Keenan, Launch Housing CEO, to discusses the outline of his presentation to the AHURI One-day conference, 'Homelessness and housing solutions.'

Video lecture/presentation
12 February 2017

Influential urbanist, architect and humanist, Jan Gehl, returns to Melbourne with more stories about observing public life and how cities can be made more liveable, humane and happier.

Video lecture/presentation
7 February 2017

Brendan Condon, Director of The Cape sustainable housing project, discusses carbon neutral housing estates and designing houses to meet the challenge of rising temperatures.