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Draft report

14 Feb 2018

The Department of Communications and the Arts is seeking submissions from stakeholders on the draft findings and recommendations outlined in this draft report, and any other issues relevant to the inquiry terms of reference.

Briefing paper

13 Feb 2018

The Online Infringement Amendment (OIA) enables a copyright owner to apply to the Federal Court to block access to an online location operated outside Australia with the primary purpose of infringing (or facilitating infringement of) copyright content. This review supports the Australian government’s commitment to...

Video lecture/presentation

18 Dec 2017

What aspects of the current system hamper the effective flow of knowledge and good governance, how can they be reformed and what advocacy is required?

Research report

15 Dec 2017

This report, which was commissioned and funded by Arts Council England, looks at the position of literary fiction today.

Audio program

14 Nov 2017

New Zealand and Australia need tougher laws against China's political influence pedalling.

Audio interview

13 Nov 2017

Publisher Allen & Unwin has dropped a book by a prominent academic on China's expanding 'soft' influence in Australia, due to 'unspecified threats.'

Journal article

31 Oct 2017

A new economic model for the analysis of scholarly publishing – journal publishing in particular – is proposed that draws on club theory. The standard approach builds on market failure in the private production (by research scholars) of a public good (new scholarly knowledge). In...

Discussion paper

15 Sep 2017

The document emphasizes the U.S Copyright Office’s longstanding position that section 108 needs to be updated so that libraries, archives, and museums have a robust, comprehensible, and balanced safe harbor to fulfill their missions.

Discussion paper

11 Sep 2017

This consultation process is intended to draw stakeholder views on whether the Copyright Regulations Exposure Draft and the TPM Regulations Exposure Draft (Exposure Drafts) are fit for purpose, including whether they may be further simplified or modernised.

Discussion paper

25 Aug 2017

This discussion paper has been released to generate feedback on the effectiveness of the Code of Conduct for Copyright Collecting Societies, and whether the current voluntary code represents best practice, contains sufficient monitoring and review mechanisms, and if it should be mandatory for all collecting...

Briefing paper

16 Aug 2017

Prices for certain scholarly resources continue to outpace budget increases, and librarians do not feel in control of budgets and pricing. What if libraries found ways to bring together the whole library behind the objective of stabilizing or reducing what they pay?

Blog post

15 Aug 2017

In this post, the author argues argues that the scholarly communication ecosystem should aim not only to be open, but non-profit too.

Journal article

13 Aug 2017

This article examines the concept of 'predatory publishing.'

Journal article

2 Aug 2017

This article argues that, despite growing interest in Open Access (OA) to scholarly literature, there is an unmet need for large-scale, up-to-date, and reproducible studies assessing the prevalence and characteristics of OA.


29 Jul 2017

The open access movement seeks to encourage all researchers to make their works openly available and free of paywalls so more people can access their knowledge. Yet some researchers who study open access (OA) continue to publish their work in paywalled journals and fail to...

Journal article

3 Jul 2017

This article argues that through open-access initiatives, researchers have opportunities to increase access to their work even if they are not able to publish in top-tier journals with high circulation rates.

Audio interview

16 May 2017

Some new scientific journals have emerged which will publish whatever you want - for the right price.

Blog post

2 May 2017

In a time where states are facing enormous budget deficits public universities must ensure financial responsibility of scarce public resources. Louisiana State University (LSU) is attempting to exercise sound judgment and stewardship of limited resources, but its only reward has been Elsevier blocking access to...

Journal article

28 Apr 2017

The author discusses the rise of an open ethos in LIS and makes the case for shifting to an open peer review process for LIS journals.

Journal article

3 Apr 2017


Since the early 2000s, there has been an explosion in the usage of the term open, arguably stemming from the advent of networked technologies — including the Internet and mobile technologies. ‘Openness’ seems to be everywhere, and takes many forms: from open...