Publishers and publishing

5 January 2017

This book shows that, reimagined, copyright could serve creators and the broader public far better than it currently does – and exposes intriguing new directions for achievable reform.

Audio interview
21 December 2016

Prominent authors and publishers say the move to open the books market to international titles will threaten Australia's $2 billion publishing industry.

28 September 2016

With this list of areas for action, libraries and publishers have a plan for where they can work together to bring about progress on access to information in time for the second International Day...

27 June 2016

This article discusses privacy advocate Alexander Hanff's campaign against European publishers using scripts to detect when their readers are using ad blockers, without first seeking readers' ...

Audio program
13 June 2016

Host, Amanda Vanstone, examines the issues facing self-publishing authors.

13 June 2016

ABC TV 'Media Watch' program transcript from a feature program on the current business operating conditions facing digital news providers.

16 February 2016

This report examines changes that are underway in nearly every stage of the publishing process, drawing on findings from interviews with senior Australian publishers.

Towl, Elizabeth

Having completed the final version of The Godwits Fly and sent it away to be published, Iris Wilkinson (Robin Hyde) wrote to John A. Lee that she had finished "the camouflaged autobiographical novel and posted it-It will have to go as fiction and it's only twenty-one years of a life...

Conference proceedings
18 December 2015

The proceedings of the 8th year of the grey literature and repositories conference, held on 21st October 2015.

Blog post
30 November 2015

The fundamental challenges and changes in scholarly publishing are investigated through a survey of university publishing practices within Australia.