Open access publishing

Blog post
11 April 2017

Jennifer Howard looks at how the traditional producer-consumer relationship between university presses and libraries has shifted.

Annual report
7 April 2017

This is the 2016 annual report for ORCID, which includes information about membership, usage and adoption, engagement activities, integrations, technical updates, financials, and more.

5 April 2017

Current social science research and writing faces a number of possibilities that seem to be constrained by three major challenges. The first is the limits of the imagination; the second is knowing...

Journal article
4 April 2017

This paper investigates the relationship between Open Access (OA) mandates and academic freedom, with the context of the recent OA policy at the University of Windsor as a point of reference.

Journal article
3 April 2017

This article builds on Pomerantz and Peek’s attempt to disambiguate the term by offering an alternative understanding to openness — that...

Journal article
29 March 2017

The U.K. library community has implemented collaborative strategies in key scholarly communication areas such as open access mandate compliance, and U.S. librarians could benefit from learning in...

Journal article
27 March 2017

The purpose of this paper is to examine the discourses relating to Open-Access Mega-Journals, their place within scholarly publishing, and attitudes towards mega-journals within the academic...

Journal article
30 January 2017

This article presents the project for the implementation of an Open Peer Review Module in two major Spanish repositories, DIGITAL.CSIC and e-IEO, together with some promising initial results and...

13 January 2017

The SCOAP initiative aims to make work previously only available to paying subscribers of academic journals freely and immediately available to everyone.

20 October 2016

This action plan contains commitments showing over the next two years how the New Zealand government will enhance the Open Government Partnership (OGP) principles of transparency, accountability,...