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Journal article

1 Feb 2018

Although librarians initially hoped institutional repositories (IRs) would grow through researcher self-archiving, practice shows that growth is much more likely through library-directed deposit. Libraries must then find efficient ways to ingest material into their IR to ensure growth and relevance.

Journal article

15 Jan 2018

This article examines the movement toward sophisticated library services, which requires amending the current practice of subject librarian specialization, which has for decades been the mainstay of academic librarianship in South Africa and many other countries in both the global south and north.

Research report

4 Jan 2018

This research report investigated how local digital preservation practices and repository systems interoperate with distributed digital preservation (DDP) services. The survey and interviews revealed both great diversity in how digital preservation is practiced and common challenges in the intersection of local repositories and DDP services....


15 Dec 2017

This report has been prepared to deepen insights and provide examples of the impact of globalisation, as well as technological and societal trends on the library field.


8 Dec 2017

This report highlights a number of challenges and opportunities for SCONUL members, including the development of AI and machine learning, datafied scholarship and the on-going challenges of blurred boundaries between the library and the rest of the institutions and the development as library as a...


4 Dec 2017

This strategy document outlines the development of a forward-looking program that advances the organizational outcomes of the 21st-Century research library.


1 Dec 2017

This report contains useful data and compelling case studies from every state and territory, from public, school, special, academic and state libraries. It provides a colourful resource which libraries can use to explain how they are driving digital transformation in library management, collections, programs and...


15 Nov 2017

This publication provides an up to date overview of the competencies required for libraries to deliver excellent learning and teaching support to their university and research communities.

Research report

30 Oct 2017

This study examines the views of senior executives and policy managers about the future of government library services.


19 Oct 2017

This paper looks at what Research Information Management (RIM) is, what is driving RIM adoption, and the library’s role in RIM.


11 Oct 2017

This report provides students, educators, employees and employers with an understanding of the national landscape and inform ALIA's actions as the sector’s peak professional body.


2 Oct 2017

This document provides a digest of the interviews carried out as part of the SCONULLeadership Task and Finish Group work on the ‘view from above’. The interviewees were either vice-chancellors or senior members of the executive of a range of universities.


26 Sep 2017

Now more than ever, academic libraries are being asked to demonstrate value to their institutional stakeholders, funders, and governance boards. This report demonstrates how libraries are now measuring library contributions to student learning and success, and recommends where more research is needed in areas critical...

Discussion paper

15 Sep 2017

The document emphasizes the U.S Copyright Office’s longstanding position that section 108 needs to be updated so that libraries, archives, and museums have a robust, comprehensible, and balanced safe harbor to fulfill their missions.

Briefing paper

16 Aug 2017

Prices for certain scholarly resources continue to outpace budget increases, and librarians do not feel in control of budgets and pricing. What if libraries found ways to bring together the whole library behind the objective of stabilizing or reducing what they pay?

Research report

31 Jul 2017

This report from the (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy focuses attention on the capacity of rural public libraries to deploy Internet-enabled computing technologies and other resources to meet the needs of their residents.

Journal article

12 Jul 2017

Looking at social media posts on Yik Yak, this article looks at common threads of social dynamics, expectations of quiet space, and frustration with studying, all of which increase our understanding of student experiences in US and international libraries.

Journal article

11 Jul 2017

This article outlines the concept of the Research Data Management and Reproducibility (RDM & R) librarian.


3 Jul 2017

The purpose of this survey was to investigate how Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member libraries are supporting campus entrepreneurship, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Journal article

16 Jun 2017

In order to inform a library service related to creating and maintaining online scholarly profiles, this article assesses the knowledge base and needs of academic communities.