Climatic changes

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6 Dec 2018

This article aims to review published research on the impacts of climate change on allergens and allergic diseases from an Australian perspective.


30 Nov 2018

The government has just released statistics on Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and they show that total emissions are still rising and we are still not on track to meet our Paris target.


27 Nov 2018

Increasing extreme heat will have profound impacts on people, industries and ecosystems in Western Sydney. CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology projections estimate that the average number of days over 35 could increase by up to five times without strong climate policies from a historical average...

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20 Nov 2018

Climate disruption and its consequences are an emerging public health crisis. While much emphasis is placed on adaptation and mitigation, there is no long‐term plan to support those who face environmental displacement.


23 Oct 2018

As the climate warms, the number of extreme temperature days is increasing. While Roma is known for its warm weather and hot days, the average number of over 35 and over 40 degree days has increased considerably in recent years and is forecast to increase...


5 Sep 2018

The projects in this booklet show there is an extensive and practical body of knowledge on climate change and that this knowledge stems from some of the best and brightest of New Zealand's primary sector scientists.

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20 Aug 2018

New Zealand is committed to being an active participant in the international response to the challenge of climate change (through the 2015 Paris Agreement ), principally by making substantial reductions in its greenhouse gas emissions.


13 Aug 2018

To understand the implications for Australia's infrastructure, this report examines the evidence received about recent changes to the climate system, terrestrial environment and the marine environment that are relevant when considering future challenges for housing, buildings and infrastructure.

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9 Aug 2018

Heat-related mortality tends to be associated with heatwaves that do not allow for sufficient acclimatisation to hot temperatures. In contrast, damage functions and most heatwave emergency response plans do not account for acclimatisation. Using an excess heat measure that accounts for acclimatisation, this paper produces...

Discussion paper

17 Jul 2018

Addressing climate change risks and impacts remains an urgent, significant challenge for the emergency management sector, despite concerted effort from various agencies. Member agencies are already feeling the impacts of climate change and experiencing first-hand how communities are being affected.


6 Jul 2018

This paper analyses the role of industrialised countries, specifically Australia and New Zealand, and their efforts and policies aimed at assisiting vulnerable Pacific island communities over any future climate-induced migration.


6 Jul 2018

This document constitutes the One Planet SWF Working Group’s Framework. It is the outcome of consultations among the founding members and with other institutional investors who are working towards the integration of climate change issues in the asset management sector.


5 Jul 2018

This report shows how the Great Barrier Reef could be hit with repeat coral bleaching events every two years by 2034, under current greenhouse gas pollution rates.

Journal article

1 Jul 2018

This article seeks to examine briefly the association between fossil fuels and global climate change, the consequent environmental changes and the predicted public health effects.

Fact sheet

21 Jun 2018

Drought conditions have been officially declared in over 16% of New South Wales and nearly 58% of Queensland, with climate change contributing to extreme weather events, including record temperatures and low rainfall, hitting the Australian agriculture sector hard.

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

During a period where global fossil fuel corporations and national governments such as Australia and the US continue to avoid or delay tackling global warming, cities and local governments have been increasingly showing leadership in both mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change (Gleeson et...


30 May 2018

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the Australian clean energy sector and the latest key figures and statistics on the National Energy Market.


24 May 2018

This report is the second and final report prepared by the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group. It provides recommendations for the actions New Zealand needs to take to build resilience to the effects of climate change while growing the economy sustainably.


17 May 2018

This report makes numerous recommendations on how the Australian government should respond to climate change risks, including the development of a climate security white paper, to guide a coordinated, whole-of-government response.


15 May 2018

This report shows how climate change will impact on New Zealander’s health over the next 50-100 years, and makes the case for better preparation.



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