Climate change mitigation

5 April 2017

It’s almost certainly too late for any leader to derail progress towards a decarbonised global economy, writes John Quiggin.

21 March 2017

This project examines how Melbourne apartment samples perform in heatwaves in the context of international standards. It also looks at retrofit options to future proof apartments and make them...

21 March 2017

This report is one of the first attempts to apply scenario analysis across the New Zealand economy, covering both land and energy, to help illuminate long-term low-emission pathways.

16 March 2017

Carbon capture and storage technology will have a key role in reducing future greenhouse gas emissions.

EssayJournal article
15 March 2017

A sun-centred cultural revolution may not have come, but something else has happened: solar power has become dirt cheap, writes Dan Cass.

Audio interview
9 March 2017

After twelve years of advocating for climate policy action in Australia, the Climate Institute will close it's doors in June, blaming a lack of funds.

Video lecture/presentation
7 February 2017

Brendan Condon, Director of The Cape sustainable housing project, discusses carbon neutral housing estates and designing houses to meet the challenge of rising temperatures.

Fact sheet
4 February 2017

The Prime Minister made reference to the potential role of ultra-supercritical coal and carbon capture and storage in his address at the National Press Club on Tuesday. This analysis argues that...

Blog post
27 January 2017

Explores the ‘co-benefits’ of tackling climate change and the practical benefits they can bring to community and national development.

24 January 2017

This Climate Change Framework sets out a vision for Victoria in 2050, the approach to achieving that vision, the role of the Climate Change Act and the transition required across the...