Communication and technology

14 December 2016

The central finding of this report is that mobile connectivity has become a necessity. The market has driven great advances since the advent of the mobile phone but government must now play an...

6 December 2016

This report, by researchers from the University of Groningenhe in the Netherlands, examines the multi-layered challenges associated with balancing the fundamental rights of privacy and freedom of...

Annual Report
30 November 2016

With almost nine out of ten Australian adults now online, the ACMA communications report 2015–16 shows that our growing appetite for digital content is driving change across the communications...

23 November 2016

This report features key ICT data and benchmarking tools to measure the global information society, including the ICT Development Index (IDI).

9 November 2016

The editor in chief of the Columbia Journalism Review, Kyle Pope, calls for an overhaul of journalism, and return to its legacy "as malcontents and troublemakers" following the election...

1 November 2016

This roadmap highlights, in an accessible way, some existing and emerging digital technologies and their potential to create deeper and authentic learning opportunities in school and post-school...

17 October 2016

This research report provides an overview of the Australian communications sector, including recent trends and developments. 

Annual Report
13 October 2016

This report includes the 2015–16 annual reports for the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

6 October 2016

PricewaterhouseCoopers provides its 15th annual analysis of the entertainment and media sectors, forecasting revenues in advertising and consumer/end-user expenditure for 2016-2020.

27 September 2016

Discusses National Public Radio's (NPR) real-time fact checking assessments on a live transcript of the first US Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.