Family violence


27 Nov 2017

Numerous Australian reviews – including Victoria’s Royal Commission into Family Violence and Queensland’s Not Now, Not Ever Report – have documented the failure of the criminal law to provide justice for victims of intimate partner violence. A common question emerging from these reviews has been:...

Briefing paper

17 Nov 2017

Drawing on research in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) highlands as part of the Do No Harm (DNH) project, this In Brief examines some of the challenges women face in escaping violent relationships. One assumption often made is that increasing women’s access to economic resources,...


10 Nov 2017

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data released this week as part of the Personal Safety Study (PSS) reveals 16% of Australian women have experienced partner violence.

The 2016 PSS was conducted across Australia and surveyed around 21,000 people about their experience of violence. The...

Research report

31 Oct 2017

Throughout the 1980s, every Australian state or territory moved to enact legislation with the purpose of protecting women from intimate partner violence through the provision of a civil court order, or Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPOs).

Enforcement of DVPOs, including across state and territory...


26 Oct 2017

Aim : To investigate the impact of the 2015 Domestic Violence Evidence-in-Chief (DVEC) reforms on court outcomes for Domestic Violence (DV) assaults in New South Wales (NSW).

Method : Court outcome data from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research’s Reoffending...


20 Oct 2017

Responding to family violence is a responsibility shared across government, the criminal justice system and the wider community. One part of the broader criminal justice response is the sentencing, and management under sentence, of family violence offenders.

In March 2016,...

Research report

12 Oct 2017

The findings in this report detail specific issues pertaining to risk in the context of family violence and temporary migration, the ways in which migration status can be leveraged in the family violence context and the range of exploitative practices that occur, including the identification...


14 Sep 2017

This summary report presents the key findings from a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia. The study contributes to the limited evidence on how geographical and social...

Research report

14 Sep 2017

This report presents the results of a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia. The study contributes to the limited evidence on how geographical and social isolation shapes...


13 Sep 2017

The rate at which states adopted the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) surprised even its sponsors. Yet the treaty is often misunderstood and misrepresented – by some, mistrusted. Facts and answers can be found in a variety of sources, but until now the treaty lacked a...

Journal article

11 Sep 2017

Reducing lethal violence against women requires comprehensive measures addressing individual, social, economic, cultural, and situational factors. Regarding situational factors, access to weapons—and firearm access in particular—has received notable research attention. However, most study comes from the United States of America, and findings may not apply...

Journal article

1 Sep 2017

In 2005 in the Australian state of Victoria, significant changes were made to the defences to homicide. These reforms were in response to long standing concerns about the gendered operation of provocation and self-defence by feminist researchers and advocates, Law Reform Commissions, the media and...

Research report

11 Aug 2017

This research report that aims to help tertiary response services to respond effectively to the needs of women with disabilities. It draws on the experiences of women with disabilities who have experienced violence and abuse and have used tertiary response services.

Women with disabilities...

Research report

10 Aug 2017

Elder abuse is a highly complex social problem. The abuse takes many forms, including: financial, physical, psychological, social and sexual as well as the more passive form of neglect. It can be deliberate or inadvertent. It is difficult to measure as the type of abuse...


2 Aug 2017

Earlier this year we co-authored a report based on data collected in the Youth Survey with the Black Dog Institute looking at young people and mental illness over the past five years; prior to that we produced a report on young people and homelessness. Both...


25 Jul 2017

Since the ABC published an essay on domestic violence and the Christian church in Australia last week, we've seen a far-ranging conversation about the way the church responds to victims of abuse in their midst.

There has been some confusion about what the research...

Research report

25 Jul 2017

Aim: To report on the first 12 months of implementation of the DVSAT.

Method: All referrals in the Central Referral Point (CRP) database were linked to NSW police data to obtain responses to individual items contained in the DVSAT. Descriptive analysis of...

Blog post

12 Jul 2017

Can alcohol and drugs be called a ‘cause’ of family violence? What do we mean when we talk about ‘causes’ of social problems? In this article, ANZSOG Research Fellow Sophie Yates explains why problem framing is so important in public policy, and explores the framing...


5 Jul 2017

The Support and Safety Hub Statewide Concept outlines the role the hubs will have in our long-term plan to end family violence in Victoria.

The concept has been developed in collaboration with victim survivors, industry experts and members of the wider community, with Aboriginal...


30 Jun 2017

Violence against women and its prevention are legitimate topics of public interest and research shows that media reporting on the issue in Australia is extensive. This research identified that while some aspects of reporting on violence against women in Australia are changing for the better,...