13 February 2017

This chapter reports on an inquiry that investigated the current impact and how to increase the impact of an active citizenship education program that contains key elements of education for...

Journal article
20 September 2016

This paper introduces a unifying approach to measure the sustainability performance of socio-economic systems based on the interplay between two key variables: essentiality of consumption and...

10 August 2016

Different funeral options are increasingly sought after, driven by values such as cost effectiveness and sustainability and can be achieved with vision and planning.

8 June 2016

Despite continued economic growth for the past decade, levels of Australian food insecurity have remained steady at approximately four to five per cent of the population.

19 May 2016

ALP 2016 election campaign policy on ensuring growth of Australia's energy efficiency.

Journal article
14 April 2016

Educating for sustainability seeks to provide knowledge and understanding of the physical, biological, and human world, and involves students making decisions about a range of ethical, social,...

Journal article
17 March 2016

This article investigates how the institutional structure of the Australian private housing development industry influences its risk profile and its ability to innovate, particularly in the type...

Book review
4 March 2016

Climate change is known as a ‘wicked’ problem but this characterisation does not encompass the political-economic features that are hampering the policy response.

Journal article
3 March 2016

Knowledge and understanding about how the Earth functions and supports life create the foundation for ecological literacy. Industrialisation, urbanisation and population growth have resulted in...

Briefing paper
11 February 2016

This report identifies some principles to consider when setting up and maintaining effective co-governance arrangements.