Historic preservation

Discussion paper
20 April 2017

The purpose of this paper is to highlight key themes and issues for developing revised Guidelines to define reasonable and practicable measures to avoid or minimise harm to Aboriginal cultural...

Discussion paper
16 January 2017

With the old Executive Building in Brisbane's CBD soon to be demolished, the city is set to lose a distinctive landmark and a divisive emblem of political symbolism.

Discussion paper
15 January 2017

This paper seeks to build the case to better leverage value from heritage assets through their adaptive re-use for tourism purposes and the recommended principles for effectively doing so. 

3 January 2017

The ancient Roman world is littered with examples of architectural recycling, writes Candace Richards.

Video lecture/presentation
27 October 2016

This summary video contains much of Joe Skrzynski's presentation about his involvement in considering future changes to the Sydney Opera House.

14 October 2016

The Snowy Mountains Scheme has been added to Australia's National Heritage List.

Audio program
9 October 2016

The eviction of social housing tenants from Sydney's CBD is nearly complete. Heritage, history and the wellbeing of an ageing population has been traded off to build more social housing elsewhere...

7 October 2016

The former chair of the NSW Heritage Council has criticised the state government's refusal to heritage list the landmark Sirius apartment building in the historic Rocks area of Sydney.

12 September 2016

Unions, residents and community groups took on a powerful government agency to thwart plans for the wholesale redevelopment of Australia’s oldest suburb, writes Jim Colman.

29 June 2016

This new UNESCO summary report demonstrates how satellite imagery analysis is an increasingly important tool for assessing potential damage to cultural heritage sites.