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Research report

13 Mar 2018

Scholars and policy experts debate Australian participation in the ‘Australia-India-Japan-United States consultations on the Indo-Pacific’ - known universally as the ‘Quad’.

Research report

21 Feb 2018

With the strategic balance teetering in the Asia–Pacific, a more cold-hearted assessment of the Australia – New Zealand alliance is needed.

Research report

20 Feb 2018

This paper outlines the evolution of China’s engagement with the dominant global norms of responsible behaviour.

Research report

15 Feb 2018

This report reviews the evolution of Russia’s strategic and defence engagement in the IndAsPac. It also critically reviews Russia’s regional defence strategy, including threats perceptions, and principal vectors of regional engagement, predominantly through its active defence diplomacy.

Blog post

1 Feb 2018

China is unlikely to be influenced by advice from countries which seem intent on seeking to contain its growth or restrict its role as a great power, writes Michael Powles.


2 Jan 2018

The fourth edition of the Human Rights Manual has been prepared to foster a deeper understanding of human rights among officers and to provide the public an explanation of how human rights policy is pursued.

Research report

6 Dec 2017

Papua New Guinea's new government faces a rapidly changing external environment as it struggles to manage a significant domestic economic downturn and unprecedented pressures on the national budget.

Journal article

5 Dec 2017

This paper uses China’s official definition of ‘core interests’ as a benchmark to examine three aspects of China’s diplomacy in the Pacific: main interests, means to safeguard interests, and the implications for regional powers.

Journal article

5 Dec 2017

Singapore-China relations have deteriorated since 2010, due to Singapore’s position over the disputed South China Sea and its support for the United States’ strategy of ‘rebalancing’.

Journal article

5 Dec 2017

This article argues that the Trump Administration adopted a far more positive approach towards Australia in the nine months since the Trump-Turnbull telephone call, partly due to the outpouring of congressional support for Australia in early February.

Discussion paper

16 Nov 2017

Rodger Shanahan and John Blaxland argue about whether Australia should maintain military operations in the Arabian Peninsula or focus on threats closer to home.

Briefing paper

13 Nov 2017

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a blueprint for a China-centric order in the Indo-Pacific. Australia requires policy flexibility to successfully navigate the regional changes caused by China’s gamble on BRI.


9 Nov 2017

The Australian government will shortly publish a foreign policy white paper. This report summarises the main issues raised by individuals and organisations who participated in consultations for the white paper.

Research report

5 Nov 2017

Provides a roadmap to scholars seeking to understand shifting Thai policies and for policymakers seeking to maintain a strong footing for the U.S.-Thailand alliance during a time of strategic flux.

Research report

24 Oct 2017

This report argues that the increasing recognition by Australia and India of the benefits that each has to offer has the potential to invigorate the relationship.

Research report

19 Oct 2017

The long and complicated history between Timor-Leste and Australia over the Timor Sea offers two salient lessons for contemporary maritime order in Asia.

Research report

17 Oct 2017

India, Australia and the United States can play an important role by co-operating more closely in maintaining a rules-based order in the Indian Ocean Region.

Research report

10 Oct 2017

So far, Australia’s economic relationship with Indonesia has failed to reflect the full geostrategic importance of the wider relationship.

Research report

5 Oct 2017

This paper explores how the links between economic and security considerations are intensifying in Asia.

Conference paper

Conference paper presented at the conference on “The corrosion of democracy under China’s global influence,” supported by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, and hosted in Arlington, Virginia, USA, September 16-17, 2017
18 Sep 2017

This paper considers the potential impact of China’s expanded political influence activities in New Zealand and how any effects could be mitigated and countered.