Social media

Blog post
7 February 2017

Since November’s US presidential election, the issue of fake news stories spreading on social media has been under the spotlight. The Media Policy Project’s Emma Goodman looks at how governments...

31 January 2017

People affected by crisis or conflict are increasingly reliant on messaging apps for communication with loved ones and for accessing information. How can humanitarian organizations use these tools...

25 January 2017

This report summarizes how NGOs worldwide use web and email communications, online and mobile fundraising tools, and social and mobile media.

Fact sheet
12 January 2017

This fact sheet highlights the patterns and trends shaping the social media landscape over the past decade.

Blog post
11 January 2017

This blog post announcing the Facebook Journalism Project outlines how it is designed to support journalism and news literacy, and to serve as a hub for journalists and publishers to learn and...

10 January 2017

In this report, RAND researchers, with the help of an advisory panel, craft a research agenda to prepare the U.S. legal system to address the effects of emerging technologies on individuals'...

6 January 2017

This report is a declassified version of a highly classified assessment that has been provided to the President and to recipients approved by the President.

27 December 2016

You might think it’s cute to snap a photo of your toddler running around in a playground or having a temper tantrum, and then posting it on social media. But did you ever think it might be a...

5 December 2016

DFAT has to work harder and smarter online to be heard above the noise.

2 December 2016

This report reviews challenges and opportunities for news media and journalism in today’s changing media environment and documents the transition to an increasingly digital, mobile, and social...