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6 Jun 2018

Effective immigration and border control are essential to Australia’s national security. The possibility of combining both functions within one entity have been considered on a number of occasions historically.


4 Jun 2018

The Turnbull Government’s proposed personal income tax cuts are the largest ever proposed in a federal budget. As is outlined in this submission, the substantial reduction in revenue is not obviously consistent with the government’s medium-term fiscal strategy.


Using incentives to drive a new era of infrastructure reform
4 Jun 2018

This economic modelling, released by Infrastructure Australia, shows that introducing incentive payments to encourage the states and territories to progress nation-shaping infrastructure reforms could boost the economy by $66 billion and deliver better infrastructure for our growing cities and regions.


A graphical summary of the 2018–19 Budget relative to the 2017–18 MYEFO
1 Jun 2018

The chart pack provides a visual summary of the key drivers of the change in the budget estimates between budget updates. The unlegislated measures tables provide an update of the projected impact of unlegislated measures on current budget estimates and over the medium term.


31 May 2018

The Climate Change Authority has released this report on its review of the National Wind Farm Commissioner. At the time the National Wind Farm Commissioner was established, the federal government said it would review the role in 2018. This review responds to that undertaking.


24 May 2018

The objective of the audit was to examine the effectiveness of monitoring and payment arrangements under National Partnership Agreements.

Research report

23 May 2018

This brief provides an overview of the key fiscal and economic numbers from the 2018–19 Budget.


17 May 2018

The Budget at a Glance is the overview of all the Budget information and contains the main points for the media and public. This summarises the government's spending decisions and key issues raised in the Budget Speech, the Fiscal Strategy Report, and the Budget Economic...

Briefing paper

16 May 2018

This paper provides an overview of the implications for Indigenous Australians of the 2018–19 Federal Budget, focusing on both Indigenous-specific budget announcements, as well as general or mainstream measures that have particular relevance for Indigenous Australians.


15 May 2018

ACOSS' analysis of the 2018-19 Federal Budget, split into 5 sections: Tax, Social Security, Essential Services, Health & Aged Care, and Missing in Action.

Briefing paper

10 May 2018

The latest Turnbull Government budget proposes that Australia’s progressive tax system be overhauled to put the majority of workers on the same tax rate. This briefing paper models the distributionary effects of the proposal, showing the benefits flow overwhelmingly to the highest income earners.


9 May 2018

To deliver tax cuts and budget surpluses, Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, will need to stay lucky.


8 May 2018

The Turnbull Government has released the 2018-19 federal budget.

Briefing paper

7 May 2018

This briefing paper shows the recently announced 23.9% tax-to-GDP cap is entirely arbitrary, and that a strict tax cap with no policy change will severely limit choices in government spending.


7 May 2018

This quick guide identifies information and key concepts that are used in the budget papers and related materials, and other resources that are available to analyse the budget.


26 Apr 2018

This review contains the Productivity Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry. This year's review also explores how Australia should best respond to the USA using its leverage to protect their domestic industries.


23 Apr 2018

This book explores new horizons and scenarios for better governance in the context of the new information age, focusing on the potentials and pitfalls for governments operating in the new, information-rich environment.


17 Apr 2018

The audit objective was to examine entity compliance with regulatory requirements for the establishment and ongoing management of special appropriations.


17 Apr 2018

The Northern Territory’s controversial lease of the strategically-important Port of Darwin to a Chinese company with People’s Liberation Army links, highlights the type of tensions that might increase between the federal government and the States and Territories over the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and...

Briefing paper

15 Apr 2018

This paper reviews the case for personal income tax cuts, the various forms they could take, and the budgetary scope for cuts. It then suggests what the priorities should be.