15 February 2017

This report makes the case that rental rights in Australia lag far behind those in many other developed countries, where renters often enjoy secure long-term arrangements with strict limits on...

Case study
15 February 2017

This case study explores HomeGround Real Estate, an innovative model of delivering affordable housing pioneered by HomeGround Services (now Launch Housing) in Victoria.

Audio interview
13 February 2017

Some towns and areas in regional Australia are facing price rises and property shortages that are making them unaffordable for the people what want to live there.

Journal article
1 February 2017

Using a large, representative sample of the Australian population, the analysis describes and models patterns of multiple housing problems, the characteristics of the population at risk, and...

24 January 2017

Rates middle-income housing affordability using the “Median Multiple,” which is the median house price divided by the median household income.

23 January 2017

This article discusses a recent international project on how family housing property wealth is reshaping welfare regimes, and what Australia can learn from this research. 

Blog post
22 January 2017

In order to develop effective policies to prevent or alleviate homelessness it’s important to understand what causes people to enter homelessness and then prevents them from finding adequate...

17 January 2017

This research paper investigates the historical context in which the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) was initially established, the reasons for its establishment,and its current processes for...

22 December 2016

This report is one of the first of its type in Australia that seeks to chart the nature of housing change, and specific forms of housing disadvantage, experienced by children within mainstream...

22 December 2016

This report presents evidence about numbers of children and young people affected by affordability disadvantage in Australia’s fastest housing tenure: private rental.