12 April 2017

This report presents a national summary of the results of the 2016 National Social Housing Survey, and reports findings from public housing, community housing and state owned and managed...

7 April 2017

This study investigated the most appropriate and beneficial shared home ownership models for people with disability.

3 April 2017

This paper outlines trends in house prices in Sydney and other parts of Australia, provides an overview of supply and demand drivers that have influenced house prices in Sydney, and discusses the...

1 March 2017

Outlines research undertaken to gain insights into the mental health and wellbeing of Airds residents in South-Western Sydney during a time of housing renewal from predominantly social housing, to...

15 February 2017

This report makes the case that rental rights in Australia lag far behind those in many other developed countries, where renters often enjoy secure long-term arrangements with strict limits on...

Case study
15 February 2017

This case study explores HomeGround Real Estate, an innovative model of delivering affordable housing pioneered by HomeGround Services (now Launch Housing) in Victoria.

Audio interview
13 February 2017

Some towns and areas in regional Australia are facing price rises and property shortages that are making them unaffordable for the people what want to live there.

Journal article
1 February 2017

Using a large, representative sample of the Australian population, the analysis describes and models patterns of multiple housing problems, the characteristics of the population at risk, and...

24 January 2017

Rates middle-income housing affordability using the “Median Multiple,” which is the median house price divided by the median household income.

23 January 2017

This article discusses a recent international project on how family housing property wealth is reshaping welfare regimes, and what Australia can learn from this research.