Housing policy


6 Dec 2017

Last week’s National Housing Conference kicked off in Sydney with a keynote presentation about Canada’s new housing strategy. Audible expressions of envy could be heard among the 1000-plus delegates when they were told that prime minister Justin Trudeau had launched the strategy (on national housing...


4 Dec 2017

If Labor wins the next federal election then we can expect changes to negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount. Despite the Coalition’s scare tactics, Labor’s 2016 campaign pledge to tilt the balance in the housing market “back towards first homebuyers” didn’t appear to...


30 Nov 2017

Research Summary

Reforming state and local government property taxes can contribute to a fairer and more sustainable housing system as well as delivering additional economic and social dividends. This research proposed a nationally coordinated incremental strategy with clearly defined short, medium and long-term...


24 Nov 2017

This report is part of an AHURI Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes and addresses the question: What are the actual, potential and perceived opportunities and risks of social impact investment (SII) for housing and homelessness policy in Australia? It examines...


22 Nov 2017

New Zealand residential property inflation reached 10.46% last year. Prices rose by 34% over the past three years.

As a consequence, New Zealanders are increasingly concerned that people on low and medium incomes are being locked out of the property market. Home ownership in...

Working paper

20 Nov 2017

In this paper we develop a comprehensive measure of the gap between housing supply and demand at a regional level in Australia. We take into account a range of complicating factors such as changing demographics, building types and the increase in unoccopied dwellings at the...


14 Nov 2017

What does it mean to be Western Australian? Housing insecurity and homelessness remain a key issue for many people across our State. There remains a lack of diverse and affordable housing options, for low to moderate income earners and different communities and demographic groups,...

Discussion paper

6 Nov 2017

Housing affordability concerns the ability of singles, couples and families to buy or rent dwellings within reasonable distances to employment and study opportunities, and basic amenities. Those dwellings are first and foremost our homes, the foundation of our lives and our families – a...


26 Oct 2017

Australia is increasingly linked to a fast-growing global population. The populations of Sydney and Melbourne are both expected to exceed 8.5 million by 2061. What will Australia’s cities look like then? Will they still be among the world’s lowest-density cities?

Such sprawling cities result...


19 Oct 2017

This is the first edited book in Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre’s rich collection of publications, targeted at informing issues of economic and social policy importance within Western Australia. This book brings together a wealth of data, analysis and commentary on the state of Perth’s infill...


11 Oct 2017

Research Summary

This project examined state government-led innovations in affordable housing through analysis of two state-level strategies and two state-level programs. The research shows effective strategies and programs rely on strong political leadership; adopt a whole-of-housing industry approach to consultation and implementation; communicate...

Policy report

26 Sep 2017

Housing affordability is defined and measured in a variety of ways. For ASBEC, affordability means enabling people to make a housing choice that suits their needs within their available budget – regardless of whether it involves renting, ownership or having options as they age....


18 Sep 2017

The City of Sydney (CoS), relative to other local governments, has made some progress in the area of affordable housing. However, the affordable housing it has helped provide in the LGA remains well short of the desired target.

This paper investigates the strategies used...

Policy report

14 Sep 2017

We know that a shortage of shovel ready land and embedded charges and planning costs can add 30% to the cost of a new home. These costs are attributed to inadequate land supply, embedded land costs, rising developer and infrastructure charges and poor planning and...

Video program

12 Sep 2017

This New Zealand documentary from Bryan Bruce investigates the reasons house prices have soared while the home ownership rate is falling. The result is there are people sleeping in cars and "rental refugees" in Whangarei.

In considering causes, Bruce reflects "My dad was a...

Other video

6 Sep 2017

Evan Siddall, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation CEO, delivers his message for the National Housing Conference 2017 in Sydney, Australia at the International Conference Centre on 29 November - 1 December 2017.

Audio program

5 Sep 2017

As the proportion of renters continues to rise around the country, there's growing acceptance that for many, the great Australian dream of owning a home will be out of reach.

Last week, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia called for governments to recognise...


4 Sep 2017

Social housing is a vital service underpinning the social good of NSW. But, as widely recognised, the social housing system is beset by challenges that limit its social benefits. For example, tenant rents must be low to make social housing affordable for those who need...

Policy report

1 Sep 2017

The first independent and not for profit gathering aimed at solving Auckland’s housing crisis was held on 1 August 2017. Its underlying foundations were developed by housing strategist Leonie Freeman in 2016 in the paper “A Comprehensive Solution to Solve Auckland’s Housing Crisis”. The full...


29 Aug 2017

Residential property ownership has become a key element for many Australians in their wealth accumulation strategy but it also means they are the most exposed to any price falls with increasing household debt.

Jolts to the housing market have the potential to...